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Cordish loses Czech sidelined by car accident


It took a mere human to knock Reed Cordish out of the T. Rowe Price National Intercollegiate Clay Court Championships.

It took a car to knock out Jana Strnadova.

Cordish, a Gilman grad, Princeton senior and the only Baltimorean in the tournament, won his first match and lost his second yesterday. After disposing of Tennessee's Chris Mahony, 6-3, 4-6, 6-2, Cordish lost to the No. 4 seed, Mississippi's Johan Hede, 6-1, 6-0.

"I have to be more fit, super fit, a warrior," Cordish said "I hope I'll meet him down the road and be able to kick his butt. But right now he's a better player."

Strnadova, a Syracuse senior from Czechoslovakia, was the fourth women's seed until forced to withdraw after being struck by a car on Wednesday while crossing Reisterstown Road on the way to a restaurant across the street from the Hilton Hotel.

She was thrown onto the car's windshield, breaking it, and then fell in the street. She suffered a concussion and a broken little finger on her right hand. She plays lefty.

"We had gotten halfway across the street to an island," Strnadova said. "A man in a car on the other side waved us to come across, but I didn't see the car in the far lane and the person in that car didn't see me."

Her hand in a cast, Strnadova watched her sister, Syracuse sophomore Nicole, win her first two matches yesterday, the second over Duke's Lauren Zifer.

"I was right behind Jana and it was shocking to see her in the street," Nicole said. "I saw the car coming, but Jana was at a different angle and didn't. I'm still coping with this."

The unseeded Nicole wanted to withdraw, too, but Jana and Syracuse coach Jesse Dwire urged her to go on.

"I feel like I'm playing now for Jana," Nicole said.

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