Nominees for judge include 2 women Circuit Court also might get its first black


Gov. Parris N. Glendening could give Anne Arundel County its first black and first female Circuit Court judges this fall.

The Trial Courts Judicial Nominating Commission included a black district judge and two female lawyers among its six nominees for two Circuit Court vacancies yesterday. Two other nominees are also district judges, but it is unusual for a governor to rob the lower court for Circuit Court appointments.

"He could write history. If you were the governor and you had a chance to write history in Anne Arundel County, what would you do?" said retiring Circuit Judge Warren B. Duckett Jr.

Judge Duckett will leave the bench at the end of October. Judge H. Chester Goudy stepped down Aug. 1.

"There is no way the governor can go wrong appointing anybody from that list. If there is history to be written, the governor would be doing it with very qualified people," said public defender Alan Friedman.

The governor has pledged to make Maryland's bench more diverse.

The nominees forwarded to the governor by the 13-member commission are:

* Clayton Greene Jr., 44, administrative judge of Anne Arundel County General District Court, is the only black on the list.

* Nancy Davis-Loomis has a background in family law and land-use issues. She was named a juvenile master last September by the county's circuit judges.

* Pamela Lee North, 43, a former public defender, is in private practice in Annapolis.

* Michael E. Loney, 56, is a district judge.

* Joseph P. Manck, 48, is a district judge.

* Roger Allan Perkins, 52, is a former president of the Maryland State Bar Association and has a private law practice in Annapolis.

The nominating commission also recommended the reappointment of Circuit Judges Eugene M. Lerner and Martin A. Wolff.

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