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'Dundalk bashing' on radio sparks protest meeting


DUNDALK -- A meeting will be held tonight at Dundalk Community College to protest a radio disc jockey's "Dundalk bashing" comments and to discuss strategies for removing him from the air.

Organizers of the 6 p.m. meeting, in the lecture hall of the college's classroom building, said they will discuss boycotting advertisers of the show and requesting a hearing with the Federal Communications Commission about disc jockey Brian Wilson of WOCT-FM (104.3).

"We are weary of being asked our bowling scores," said Deb Golden, a spokeswoman for the Dundalk Image Group, which monitors and records Mr. Wilson's show and arranged tonight's meeting. "We want Brian Wilson's Arbitron ratings to go down. We want him off the air." The disc jockey could not be reached

for comment.

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