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'Maryland' businesses to have the advantage


If you want to do business with the state government, it will help to have a Maryland address and employ Maryland residents.

Acknowledging Gov. Parris N. Glendening's desire to steer more state contracts to resident companies, the state Board of Public Works has adopted a formal definition of what constitutes a resident Maryland business.

It's "a business enterprise that has a Maryland address, is registered to do business in the state of Maryland, employs Maryland residents and regularly conducts business within the state."

The term includes subsidiaries, divisions and branches of businesses that have headquarters outside the state.

State departments and agencies were instructed to use the definition in board items, data collection and reporting, preparation of bidders' lists and similar areas where such a standardized definition is necessary.

The governor blocked a state contract last month and nearly rejected another because the top bidders were not Maryland companies, and chastised his Cabinet and other officials for not doing enough to get state contracts awarded to Maryland businesses.

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