New headmistress is sworn in at St. Paul's School for Girls


The entire student body turned out to witness the swearing in of Evelyn Flory as the fifth headmistress of the St. Paul's School for Girls. She replaces the delightful Lila Lohr, who left to head New Jersey's Princeton Day School.

Included in the service was a performance by the Saints, the school's elite music group, led by teacher Margie Farmer. They sang a lovely rendition of "Choose Something Like a Star,"

written by contemporary choral composer Randall Thompson.

After the performance, guests gathered in the school's Ward Center for a reception. They included the president and CEO of the Sheraton Group, John Saxton, who is also the school's Board Trustees president; alum association president Julie Bundy Maddix; president of the Parents' Association Bob Davidson and his wife, Lynda; the Rev. William N. McKeachie, rector of Old St. Paul's Church; Mary Frances Wagley and Mary Ellen Thomsen, former headmistresses of the Girl's School; former heads of the middle school Nancy Bradford and Betty Kenzie.

Others who stopped by were Tom Peace, Bob and Michele Pollock, Sam and Stephanie Hoyle, Ginny Kennedy Karr, the Rev. Marie Braxton, Andrea Laporte, Marie Hennessy and Nancy and George Gephart.

Hats off to:

Lou Mann, the new senior vice president and general manager of Capitol Records in Los Angeles. Mann graduated from Towson High School in 1968 and went on to become the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland's first student and the valedictorian of his class . . .

Melissa Fulton, a 17-year vet of the Rouse Co. and most recently a Nationsbank VP, who decided to do her own thing. On Wednesday, she opened her two new stores at the renovated BWI Airport, Celebrate Maryland and Just Plane Crabs. She also decided to throw a party to thank all who helped her along the way. Among the 150 she invited were LuWanda Jenkins, Governor's Office of Minority Affairs; Ted Mathison, Maryland Aviation Administration; Steve Izant, Host Marriott VP; Lou Denrich, president of Valu Foods; and Jack and Karen Whiteside, he's president of Commercial and Farmers Bank.

Make that to go

Business is booming at Obrycki's crab house and seafood eatery on Pratt Street. Jerry Lewis and his family were spotted having dinner there this week. And while the beer may be cold in Chicago, I bet the crabs aren't so hot. If they were, Oprah Winfrey's boyfriend, Stedman Graham, would not be ordering steamed crabs from Obrycki's . . .

Baltimore birthday

Ashley Michael, aspiring actress and professional print model, may live in new York City these days, but she'll be back in Baltimore tomorrow to celebrate her 9th birthday. Ashley has starred in many things, such as a national Kmart commercial, and she can currently be seen in a PSA on high cholesterol.

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