THB, Banditos, Wayward and more confirmed for Cosmic Cocktail!

West Coast for wedding, then back East to celebrate


IT'S BEEN a busy few months for Sherri Thompson, a Legg Mason VP, and Hal Donofrio, the CEO of ad agency Richardson Myers & Donofrio (RM&D;). They were married in California in August. Then there was the wedding trip that included stops in London and Paris and a barge trip through France's wine country.

After they got home, Dot and Henry Rosenberg (he's CEO of Crown Central) threw a dinner party for them. It was a beautiful evening, and guests sat at tables randomly spread around the terrace and lawn of the Rosenbergs' lovely home.

Some of the guests I spotted were Hal's son and daughter-in-law, Chuck and Deb Donofrio, he's president of RM&D; Chip Mason and his pretty wife, Rand, he's Legg Mason CEO; Famebridge and Osborne Payne, owner of several McDonald's restaurants and the chair of Campaign for Our Children, Donofrio's pet project; Peggy and Charley Obrecht, he's with P. F. Obrecht & Son and seems to be Donofrio's tennis opponent; George Stamas, the Orioles' legal beagle; Gloria and Jon Files, he's with BGE; Nancy and Lou Grasmick, she's state superintendent of schools; Alice and Jim Clark, Clark Enterprises Inc., and she's on the Campaign for Our Children board; Fran and Tim Cashman, she's with Legg Mason; Kim and Joe Coale, he's with Crown Central, and she's the interior designer who did such a great job decorating Donofrio's apartment; Barbara and Al Costello, he's chairman of W. R. Grace & Co.; Marion and Carroll Bodie, he's a Procter & Gamble executive; Frances Reaves, attorney, with her fiance Tom Koch, who is with Curtis Engine; Mary and Jerry Geckle, he retired as CEO of PHH; Mary and Sig Hyman, entrepreneur; Donna and Bill Sawers, she's with RM&D;, and he's the manager of L'Hirondelle Country Club; Caroline and Jerry Stautberg, Jerry's Chevrolet; Anita and Mickey Steinberg; and Margaret and Jim (McKay) McManus.

You can bet the food was good, with chef Rudy Speckamp of Rudy's 2900 in the kitchen.


The inauguration of the 25th president of Washington College, John Toll, was celebrated in fine style. Dr. Toll, chancellor emeritus of the University of Maryland system, came to Washington College as the temporary president and with the urging of state Comptroller Louis Goldstein, the school's chairman of the board, decided to stay.

Among those who journeyed to Chestertown to be with Dr. Toll and his wife, Debbie, were Jeannie Baliles, former first lady of Virginia; Frank Saul, CEO of Chevy Chase Savings & Loan; Kevin O'Keefe, Adams Sandler, and his wife, Carolyn Bode, a full-time mommy who does volunteer work at Baltimore City Police Commissioner Tom Frazier's office; Virginia and Alonzo Decker Jr. of Black and Decker fame; John Moag, head of the Maryland Stadium Authority; Earl Richardson, president of Morgan State University; Sister Rosemarie Nassif, president of the College of Notre Dame; Byron White, retired U.S. Supreme Court justice; Pat Florestano, secretary of the Maryland Higher Education Commission; Beth Garraway, president of MICUA, an educational organization; and the Tolls' daughter, Dacia, an Oxford grad, who led the procession.

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