Hospice Cup reaches goals


The annual Hospice Cup regatta, put on by Shearwater Sailing Club as a fund-raising event to benefit seven area hospice organizations in the Annapolis/Baltimore/Washington area, was a hit in accomplishing both of its goals last Saturday.

A good day of racing was combined with a record-breaking success in fund-raising, exceeding the event's projected goal of $300,000.

One feature of the Hospice Cup is a nonspinnaker Hospice Class for sailors and boats, which do not normally race. This class has been growing in popularity, and this year had 17 starters, with the top slot and the Martin F. McCarthy Memorial Trophy going to Cathy Kreitzer and crew aboard Friend.

Winning the Hospice Cup Trophy for best consistent performance over three years of participation was Annapolis sailor Chuck O'Malley, who sailed Rude Awakening to second in MORC which, added to a second in 1993 and first place last year, made the difference.

Other winners of awards included Maxine PreVatt, who earned the Cathy Hartman Memorial Trophy awarded to the foredeck crew of the best finisher in PHRF A-0 this year, David Sharpe's Antares; and Midshipman 1/C W. McCall, skipper of Lively, earning the Ralph A. Beeton Memorial Trophy for best helmsmanship on a Naval Academy yacht. McCall's team finished second in PHRF A-2.

PHRF A-0 (8 starters): 1. Antares, David Sharpe, 2:25:30 c.t.; 2. Predator, Steve Kaminer, 2:27:26 c.t.; 3. Tolerance, St. Mary's College, 2:27:48 c.t.

PHRF A-1 (14 starters, protests pending): 1. Bucentaur, Stunda/Neville, 2:19:48 c.t.; 2. Blonde Attack, Bill Sutton, 2:23:48 c.t.; 3. ESS, Ken Swiecicki, 2:23:58 c.t.

PHRF A-2 (20 starters): 1. Bird of Prey, Neil Murphy, 2:14:42 c.t.; 2. Lively, USNA/Mid. W. McCall, 2:23:47 c.t.; 3. BAM, G.N. Smernoff, 2:23:55 c.t.

PHRF B (7 starters): 1. Fast Company, Barry Moss, 2:21:48 c.t.; 2. Quicksilver, Guy Collins, 2:22:33 c.t.; 3. Hilite, L.C. Eastman, 2:22:40 c.t.

PHRF C (16 starters): 1. Fins, Scott Finlay, 2:24:13 c.t.; 2. Crazy Ivan, Jeffrey Harris, 2:24:44 c.t.; 3. J Tripper, Mike Castleberry, 2:27:11 c.t.

PHRF Nonspinnaker (12 starters, protests pending): 1. Spice, Ray Taylor, 2:34:40 c.t.; 2. Destination, Ken Klotz, 2:37:52 c.t.; 3. Mischief, M & S Miernicki, 2:38:09 c.t.

MORC (8 starters): 1. (no name), John White, 2:13:52 c.t.; 2. Rude Awakening, Chuck O'Malley, 2:16:21 c.t.; 3. Easy Go, Bob Dunning, 2:17:46 c.t.

J/30 (9 starters): 1. Cannonball, Bill Wallop; 2. Jaguar, Al and Betsy Schreitmueller; 3. Better Mousetrap, Bob Putnam.

Hospice Class (17 starters): 1. Friend, Cathy Kreitzer, 1:50:29 c.t.; 2. Anyway, M.J. Lewandowski, 1:52:13 c.t.; 3. Hustler, Dave Humphreys, 1:52:47 c.t.

J/22 East Coast

Shifty breeze blowing from north to east last weekend was still good enough for those who started well and caught the shifts to do well in the J/22 East Coast Championship, sailed out of Annapolis Yacht Club Friday through Sunday by 32 teams.

Nobody, however, could do nearly as well as Annapolis sailmaker Chris Larson, who topped out the fleet with five aces and two seconds to win by more than 30 points over the second-place boat.

He sailed with Naval Academy coach Brad Dellenbaugh and Paul Greenauer of Buffalo as his crew.

1. Biohazard, Chris Larson, 7.75 (1-1-1-2-2-1-1-[DNC]); 2. Highlander, Douglas Meyhoefer, 39.5 ([PMS]-13-14-3-1-5-3-1); 3. Rumor Has It, Andrew Scott, 41 (6-3-11-9-5-4-[13]-3); 4. Blur, Jim Grace, 51 (5-5-10-[13]-13-8-8-2); 5. J.C. Willy, Hans Birkholz, 52.75 (7-17-[20]-1-4-2-18-4); 6. Fine ... Whatever, David Zinn, 71 (11-[16]-2-15-10-13-6).

Laser U.S. National

Consider this: 126 aggressive Laser sailors jockeying for position on a single starting line.

That's what the scene was out near Whitehall Bay last weekend, when the 1995 Laser U.S. National Championships came to Severn Sailing Association for what amounted to a three-day, six-race series after Thursday's sailing had to be abandoned in uncooperative breeze.

Winning overall with an impressive performance in a fleet containing several serious Olympic hopefuls including most of the top-ranked U.S. contenders, was Mark Mendelblatt of St. Petersburg, Fla.

His long-term rival in junior and collegiate sailing, John Torgerson of Annapolis, was positioned to take the No. 2 spot but he was a premature starter in Sunday's first race. With no throwouts, Torgerson fell to ninth.

Top female sailor in the event was 1994 Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year Danielle Brennan of New York, a student at St. Mary's College of Maryland, who took 15th overall.

Al Girard of Annapolis placed 20th to become the top sailor in the Apprentice Master (aged 35-44) class, and David Frazier (35th overall) earned the top slot for Master (45-54) division. The Junior division for sailors 16 and under was won by Doug Sharp (53rd overall) while the best in the Grand Master (55-64) division was Andy Schoettle (73rd overall).

126 entries: 1. Mark Mendelblatt, 31.75 (1-4-12-[19]-6-9); 2. Andy Lovell, 45 (9-[18]-8-18-5-5); 3. Kevin Hall, 45.5 (24-[40]-1-1-13-7); 4. Nick Adamson, 58 (39-[PMS]-3-6-4-6); 5. Brett Davis, 58 (10-9-31-5-[40]-3); 6. Stefan Warkalla, 63 ([PMS]-33-2-2-18-8); 7. Peter Hurley, 71 (15-14-4-23-[28]-15); 8. David Loring, 71 (6-17-16-15-[PMS]-17); 9. John Torgerson, 73 (13-10-6-22- [PMS]-22); 10. Eduardo Cordero, 78 (3-34-[49]-16-11-14).

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