New association links personnel professionals Training sessions, advice to be offered


Human resource professionals now have the ability to get advice when they need it.

They can call a local colleague through the new Susquehanna Human Resource Association.

The association was formed to provide a network of contacts to human resource workers who felt isolated and were unaware of how their colleagues were dealing with problems, said Marlene Lieb, director of conferences and professional development at Harford Community College.

She is a member of the association's planning committee.

Human resource "departments are swamped with new regulations all the time. This is a way to be informed without having to sit at your desk and pore through a mass of information," Ms. Lieb said.

Another committee member, Jon Andes, said the planning team wanted to provide a "pool of expertise" that human resources workers could dip into when they had questions or needed advice. Dr. Andes is assistant superintendent for personnel and staff relations for Harford public schools.

The association also provides the opportunity for members to attend training sessions on creating diversity in the workplace, dealing with state and federal safety regulations, and hiring and firing techniques.

Training sessions will be held four times a year along with monthly meetings. At the first session, scheduled for Tuesday, state Deputy Secretary of Economic and Employment Development Jim Fielder will discuss the working world in the 21st century.

This concern, commonly known as "Workforce 2000" to human resource workers, is important because businesses aren't sure what to expect of workers and the workplace in the 21st century, said Tom Leitzer, of Consultive Training Associates.

Applications are being accepted now for membership.

Dues for individuals are $140; $250 for corporations, which would cover two workers, Ms. Lieb said.

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