25 Years Ago (Week of Sept. 13-19,...


25 Years Ago (Week of Sept. 13-19, 1970):

* Thunder Hill Elementary School Principal Charles F. Eckes spoke to 150 parents to address their concerns about overcrowding at the school. Thunder Hill is in its first year of operation, and is already about 75 students over capacity.

* Clarksville resident Richard T. Clark was personally congratulated by President Richard M. Nixon on his appointment to the President's Commission for the Observance of the 25th Anniversary of the United Nations. Clark, a 24-year-old student at Randolph-Macon College, is one of five young people selected to serve on the commission.

50 Years Ago (Week of Sept. 16-22, 1945):

* Howard County 4-H Clubs made a good showing at the Hagerstown Fair, winning first place honors in the Team Demonstration contest and the Horse Fitting and Showing contest. A Howard County team also placed second in the Dairy Cattle Judging contest.

* Sgt. George A. Schatz and Cpl. Arthur L. Shreve were the first Howard County servicemen to return home from Japanese fTC prisoner-of-war camps. Sgt. Schatz had been held prisoner for more than three years. Both Schatz and Cpl. Shreve had taken part in the Death March.

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