New Hammond High principal institutes monthly breakfasts


A BIT of news from all over this week. First from Hammond High School: Dr. Sylvia S. Pattillo is firmly in charge as new principal. She has instituted a principal's breakfast, once a month, where interested parents can meet her and each other in an informal atmosphere to hear school news, rebut rumors and share ideas.

The next breakfast is 8 a.m. Oct. 3. If you're attending, call Suzanne Kershner at (410) 313-7615.

PTSA board members

We finally got the roster of the Hammond High Parent Teacher Student Association for the year. Irene Voneiff is president; Joyce Bishop and Jan Pollack are vice presidents; Claire Hafets is recording secretary; Jenny Stanley is corresponding secretary; Brenda Palmatier is treasurer; Calvin Blinder and Abbie Schaub are council delegates; Mary Ann Crawford is in charge of programs; Brenda Katz, Bonnie Miller and Debbie Cartney make up the ways and means committee; Amy Goodman is citizens' adviser; Dennis Serpico is newsletter editor; Eleanor Grimes is in charge of notification; Viviana Holmes, Robin Lakso, Beth Dispenza and Paula Paulding are in charge of hospitality; and Marie Reytar, Andrea Zavage and Linda Dobry find new members.

Dramatic autumn

Mary Jane Sasser, drama teacher at Hammond, is planning to stage Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" this fall. Students are trying out for parts in the drama about the Salem witch hunts.

Senior citizens can get free tickets to the performance and all other school-sponsored eventsby calling the county's public information office at (410) 313-6682.

Hammond also is lucky to have, in addition to an active PTSA, a Boosters Club that raises money to fund student activities. Boosters President-Elect Jean Finglass is looking for someone to donate copying services. Call her at (410) 381-4625.

Immunization clinic

Hammond holds a free immunization clinic from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday. This year, all kindergartners, first-, second-, sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders must have two measles vaccines and one mumps vaccine to remain in school.

Parents also may take younger children to the clinic for their shots. Parents or guardians must take the children and any immunization records they have.

For more information about the clinic, call the Southeast Health Center at (410) 880-5888.

Soprano at Patuxent Valley

If you hear some delightful warbling coming from Patuxent Valley Middle School students walking home this fall, it's because last week the sixth-grade class was treated to a performance by lyric soprano Yvette Lewis.

Ms. Lewis not only sang arias from "The Merry Widow" and "Porgy and Bess" during her 45-minute performance, but she demonstrated operatic vocal training techniques. After her performance, she held a workshop for a small group for sixth-graders.

Children's chorus members

Forest Ridge Elementary is thrilled that six students have been selected as members of the Howard County children's chorus this year.

The singers are Dasha Howell, Ieashia Lewter, Bridget Lynch, Theresa Nicolas, Angela Pipitone and Taylor Walle.

Reading program graduated

More than 100 Forest Ridge Elementary students successfully completed the Howard County Library's summer reading program. That's a significant portion of the student body.

Kudos to Shehan Zhou, Cindy Zagorski, Diane Zagorski, Shane Wieman, Taylor Wade, Omair Vohra, Scott Templin, Christina Swenson, Mickey Shea, Lauren Seibert, Zachary Scienzo, Michael Sauvageau, Lea Sanders, Samantha Rocco, Devin Rhoad, Brendan Rhoad, Bill Reybold, Raadha Raswant, Jennifer Quattrone, Matt Patterson, Julie Patterson, Seema Patel, Manish Patel, Deidra O'Brien, Carson Nickell, Roxanne Nickell, Winnie Nham and Michael Newcomb.

(Astute readers may note that this is a partial list. The rest of the names will appear in a later column.)

Volunteer orientation

Forest Ridge Elementary parents have offered to volunteer at the school.

An orientation meeting for future volunteers will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Oct. 6 in the school's cafeteria.

Call Maury Walle at (301) 470-4257.

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