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Do hit streaks make contact with postseason?


Dear Mr. Baseball:

My friends and I have been having a drawn-out argument. If a player has a current hitting streak going when the season ends and his team goes into postseason, does his streak continue?

Steve Hammel


Dear Steve Hammel:

Mr. Baseball, who always has viewed his favorite sport as a force for good, is concerned that our national pastime is causing a schism among friends. But if a friendship is strong, it should be able to survive nearly anything -- even a debate over the designated hitter.

Let Mr. Baseball end this argument right here: Regular-season and postseason records are kept separately. Therefore, a streak would not carry over into postseason.

Dear Mr. Baseball:

Would you know at what time Cal Ripken was born Aug. 25, 1960? . . . I have 11 children -- six girls and five sons. One of my daughters, Teresa Louise, was born in Minnesota on this same date at 11:30 a.m. She also "wears" No. 8, since she is my eighth in line.

Sylvia F. Hill


Dear Sylvia F. Hill:

Mr. Baseball is delighted to hear you have enough children for your own baseball team, and even have a little bit of bench strength.

In answer to your question: Cal Ripken actually was born on Aug. 24, 1960. But in case you're still interested, he was delivered between 4 and 5 p.m. (A tip of Mr. Baseball's cap to Sun staffer and Ripken family expert Mike Klingaman for that information.)

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