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Severna Park rejects Glen Burnie No. 1 Falcons dominate in sweep of No. 6 Gophers


When Julie Allen went high into the air to block Amy Hutson's blistering hit in the second game last night, it was obvious that sixth-ranked Glen Burnie was in over its head against No. 1 Severna Park.

Hutson had launched Glen Burnie's best shot and it was rejected impressively by Allen.

Glen Burnie's best and Severna Park's best had met far above the net, and the ball went bouncing to the floor for a Severna Park point and a 5-1 lead in the second game.

There would be no upset for the defending Anne Arundel County champion Glen Burnie team over Severna Park. The Gophers stunned the Falcons in four games last year for the county title.

This time around, it was Severna Park, 15-2, 15-7, 15-13.

The more experienced Falcons (4-0) were so dominant last night that coach Tim Dunbar used his entire second team in the third game after getting off to a 7-1 lead.

Allen, who had 277 kills last season, had 14 last night and put on a fine exhibition of passing. She had a lot of help from Rachael Benton, who had eight kills and five aces, and Danielle Kaegel who had 24 assists and four aces.

"I can always count on Julie to be consistent," said Dunbar. "Some kids might have better games than her but Julie will always have a good game."

Dunbar said his team has advanced further than even he expected by this time of the season.

"I don't usually put my offense in until October but we're already starting to run some things," he said. "Danielle is running our offense. Rachael and Jennifer [Holmes] are playing well and Dana [Kaegel] is doing a good job passing."

Glen Burnie (1-2) didn't offer much resistance except for Hutson's all-around play. She was all over the floor trying to help the Gophers stay in the match but it was basically a lost cause.

Hutson, a junior hitter, had three kills, seven assists and one ace. She is the third in a line of Hutson (Heather and Christy preceded her) sisters who have been outstanding players for the Gophers.

"We haven't been playing our best," said Amy Hutson. "I was hoping everybody on the team would play their hardest and we would give a good showing."

Glen Burnie coach Juanita Milani wasn't overly shocked.

"We expected some tough going in the early season because we lost seven players off last year's team and we're playing a lot of tough teams," she said. "But we have plenty of time to get ourselves straightened out. There is no need to panic since everybody makes the playoffs."

Milani praised Hutson for her outstanding play.

"She can see the writing on the wall. She knows that this is going to be a tough season and then everything should be better next year. I'm sure it's frustrating for her right now."

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