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Sauce worth goldChefs with classical training are...


Sauce worth gold

Chefs with classical training are imbued with the mysteries of the Seven Mother Sauces, but most of us wouldn't know a demi-glace from a deck chair. But now you needn't ignore recipes calling for the rich brown veal stock: Demi-Glace Gold is available in 1.5 ounces ($4.95) and 16 ounces ($29.95) and has earned the approval of noted chefs such as Jacques Pepin. Look for it at Sutton Place Gourmet or call (800) 860-9392. Cook your way to a Caribbean vacation by winning the Delmarva Chicken Cooking Contest. Recipes submitted must be original and must feature boiling or frying chicken as the main ingredient. For an official entry form, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to DCCC, c/o Delmarva Poultry, R.D. 6, Box 47, Georgetown, Del. 19947-9622.

Fun with fungi

Joe Czarnecki, chef at Joe's Restaurant in Reading, Pa., is a mushroom fanatic, so it's no surprise that his new cookbook, "A Cook's Book of Mushrooms" (Artisan, $30) features such dishes as Morel Enchiladas and Duck with Ginger, Raspberries and Marinated Cepes. The book also contains plenty of tips for choosing and using fungi.

'Moo' if you're happy

Are the cows content? Are the chickens chipper? Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind., has set up a research center to develop ways to measure farm animals' well-being, reports a beef industry newsletter. Researchers hope to determine whether human evaluations of animal welfare are accurate.

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