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Crofton residents question need for $70,000 addition to Town Hall


Residents said last night that Crofton leaders may be trying to pull a fast one -- and use the needs of the handicapped to justify building a $70,000 addition to Town Hall.

"It becomes very obvious that we have been presented a Trojan horse -- in the guise of the ADA [Americans with Disabilities Act] -- in meeting the needs of special-interest groups," Richard Glesener told a group of about 50 residents gathered at the Crofton Elementary School.

Several residents referred to the recent Crofton Civic Association newsletter, which discusses a need to build an addition to make Town Hall comply with the ADA, which requires public entities to accommodate the disabled by January 1995.

The newsletter, however, also stresses the need for space for 31 community groups.

With no money for modifications, Crofton leaders have agreed to move any meeting to an accessible place, which technically puts Town Hall in compliance.

The issue at hand is whether the community should build an addition instead of moving the meetings from place to place.

Throughout last night's hourlong debate, residents continually questioned their leaders' motives.

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