State eases standard on gas sold in...


State eases standard on gas sold in winter

Maryland has passed an emergency regulation to ease the amount of oxygen required in gasoline sold in Maryland, Comptroller Louis L. Goldstein said yesterday.

The regulation, which lifts a requirement for cleaner-burning gasoline in Maryland during the winter months, is expected to result in lower shipping and blending costs for the state's 3,000 gasoline distributors and retailers.

The savings, a penny or two per gallon, may be passed on to consumers, Mr. Goldstein said.

Judge withholds ruling on Dart Group dispute

A judge in Wilmington, Del., yesterday withheld a ruling on who holds voting rights to a large block of Dart Group Corp. common stock that is part of a Haft family dispute.

Delaware Chancery Court Judge William Allen is expected to decide whether Ronald Haft, president of the Dart Group -- the Landover-based parent company of Crown Books and Trak Auto -- acted legally in revoking a proxy that gave his father, company Chairman Herbert Haft, voting power for the shares.

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