Bigger, better section steps out on its own BUSINESS


Nowhere will the changes in The Sun be more noticeable than in the Business section, which will be a freestanding section Tuesday through Friday and, of course, on Sunday. Space in the section has been increased significantly to provide authoritative coverage of the state and the region.

Here's what to expect:


On Mondays, readers will receive a special package of news about Maryland businesses and the local economy. Look for these features:

* Every other Monday, staff writer Jay Hancock brings you up to date on how the economy is faring in the city and state. On alternate Mondays, staff writer Bill Atkinson reports on developments at local brokerage houses.

* The Maryland Economic Index follows the performance of 150 public companies based in the state.

* Column One offers a look at major business and financial events coming up during the week.

* With Maryland Economic Indicators, you can track 24 different indicators of how the state and city economies are doing, everything from housing sales to the cargo moving through the port. Six indicators are featured every Monday.

* Insider Trading reports on which company officers are buying and selling their firms' stock.

* An expanded People on the Move column fills you in on who has been hired or promoted by Maryland businesses.

* Jane Bryant Quinn offers advice on managing your finances.

* Peter H. Lewis reports on the latest developments in cyberspace and how they are affecting business.

* An expanded business calendar keeps you posted on all the important events in the financial community.

You'll also find lists or charts tracking the performance of Maryland municipal bonds, the week's initial public stock offerings, commercial leases signed in Baltimore and Maryland, and the week's filings in bankruptcy court.

On other days

Business readers will find these features:

* A daily cover story that examines trends, analyzes issues or profiles a business leader in the news.

* A daily business briefs column that provides a quick read on the financial news from the metropolitan area, the state and the Middle Atlantic region.

* A new daily Markets Page that keeps you abreast of the ups and downs on Wall Street, including interest rates, options, futures, dividends, foreign currency exchanges and more.

* Julius Westheimer's column The Ticker, a longtime favorite of evening readers that offers everything from tips on saving and investing to career advice to words of wisdom from financial pundits, will appear on Wednesday and Friday.

What's missing:

Andrew Leckey's syndicated column on business and finance, a feature familiar to evening readers, has been discontinued.


On Sunday, we feature in-depth stories from the world of business and finance, a Sunday Outlook column in which experts give their views on issues in the news, and a comprehensive look at how mutual and money market funds fared during the week.

Real estate also takes center stage on Sundays, with two sections offering a variety of features on the local housing market. These include:

* Neighborhood Profile, a look at the major things a prospective home buyer would want to know about a community in the Baltimore region.

* Floor Plans, a look at how new homes coming on the market may look.

* New Homes, a feature on a new subdivision in the area.

* Dream Home, a look at one of the area's more intriguing houses.

* Real Estate Mailbag, a column by Michael Gisriel, senior vice president of Fountainhead Title Group, providing answers to your real estate questions.

* Industry Watch, news notes about the local real estate industry.

* Nation's Housing, a syndicated column on real estate issues by Kenneth R. Harney.

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