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Political cartoons from two sharp pens EDITORIAL


The look of the editorial page remains largely unchanged - with two notable exceptions. The first echoes a theme repeated elsewhere in the newspaper. We have changed our headline style to add a summary of each editorial.

And, in an era when newspapers have tended to drop their in-house political cartoonists in favor of less expensive work from syndicates, the new Sun bucks the tide by featuring two of the most powerful pens in the business.

Cartoons by Kevin Kallaugher, known to morning readers as KAL, will appear Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Mike Lane will do cartoons on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, plus a panel strip on Sunday.

Opinion and commentary

Opposite the editorials you'll find commentary on state, national and foreign issues from The Sun's editorial staff and such nationally renowned columnists as George F. Will and Carl T. Rowan. Here's what to look for:

* The political column by Jack Germond and Jules Witcover moves from its previous home on Page 2A to the page opposite editorials on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

* Barry Rascovar, deputy editor of the editorial page, takes an insightful look at Maryland politics and government every Sunday.

* Sara Engram, a deputy editor of the editorial page, confronts the social issues facing our community and our nation every Sunday.

* Peter A. Jay, a journalist-turned-farmer, offers his commentary on life and public affairs every Thursday and Sunday.

From time to time, you'll also find these features:

* Political commentary by Ellen Goodman, George F. Will, Carl T. Rowan, Clarence Page, Ben Wattenberg, Mona Charen, Cal Thomas and Richard Reeves.

* Columns on foreign affairs by William Pfaff and Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, as well as Jonathan Power's pieces on the Third World.

* Humorous musings by Art Buchwald.

* Insights on science, medicine and technology by Daniel S. Greenberg.

* Commentary on state and urban affairs by Neal R. Peirce.

* Oysterback Tales, Helen Chappell's whimsical reports from an imaginary Eastern Shore town, as well as other essays and opinions by local writers.


On Sunday's the editorials and columns can be found inside the Perspective section., which also brings you an analysis of the week's news and two pages of coverage on the world of books, featuring reviews by some of the nation's most respected writers and a column by book editor Michael Pakenham.


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