6th-grader honored for saving her siblings from house fire


Dunloggin Middle School sixth-grader Heidi Lowry was baby-sitting for her younger siblings Feb. 13 when the smoke alarm sounded at her family's home.

Heidi had studied fire safety with her church group earlier in the school year and had taught her family what she knew. So when the alarm sounded, Heidi knew just what to do.

She took Hysen, 8, and Christopher, 5, to the Giannandrea house across the street, not even allowing time to slip on a pair of shoes.

And she called 911.

For her quick action in the face of a dangerous situation, Heidi was awarded the Girl Scout Medal of Honor Friday.

The ceremony began a long weekend of activities for the girls' camp out at the McKeldin area of Patapsco Park.

Heidi belongs to Troop 1325, headed by adult volunteers Lisa Skillington and Maureen Bumiller.

Heidi's proud parents, Curtis and Heather Lowry, attended the outdoor ceremony.

Two new Eagles

Boy Scout Troop 944 announces two Eagle Scouts this year.

Jake Smith, a lifetime Howard County resident, and junior at Mount Hebron High School, has been involved with Scouting for over eight years.

For his Eagle service project, he planned and organized the construction of a pathway at Rockburn Park in Ellicott City.

The path is about 375 long, lined with tree limbs and covered with cedar chips. A pressure-treated wood bench sits halfway down the trail. The trail is for the benefit of Mothers Against Drunk Driving and all Howard County citizens.

Ed Tanner began Scouting in 1985 as a Tiger Cub and joined Troop 944 in May 1989.

His Eagle service project involved three tasks for Bethany United Methodist Church, which sponsors Troop 944.

He planned and organized the clearing, caulking and repainting of the frames of the regular and stained-glass windows in the 110-year-old original church, the marking of 430 of the church's folding chairs and tables, and the removal and donation to charity of old furniture from the building.

The project, which required more than 160 hours of work, prolonged the life of the old church and helped to improve its appearance.

Ed Tanner recently moved to Huntsville, Ala., where he attends Randolph School.

Back-to-school night

If you have a boy who's interested in Scouting, attend the back-to-school night on Thursday in elementary schools across the county.

It's an opportunity for your boy and his family to meet Cub Scout pack members from his area.

For more information, call the representative in the local elementary school: St. John's Lane, Judy Raglin (410) 750-3589; Waverly, Diane Oaks (410) 461-1796; Manor Woods, Rodger Abel (410) 531-5220; Deep Run, Terry Snell (410) 313-9353; Centennial Lane, Dwight Clark (410) 461-1745; Centennial Lane, Genevieve Chaffe (410) 461-3873; Elkridge, Bill Prehn (410) 796-8265; Worthington, Judy Maurer (410) 465-9132; Waterloo, Rick Macinnes (410) 799-7068; Rockburn, Michelle Miles (410) 461-6853; Worthington, Joan Ryder (410) 461-7341; Northfield, Denise Smith (410) 461-7719.

Heartlands award

You may not know it, but you're living near an award-winning apartment community.

The Heartlands, a community built for seniors, has just received the 1995 Award of Excellence in recognition of Outstanding Design and Livability.

The Apartment Builders and Owners Council also awarded the coveted Outstanding Apartment Community award to The Heartlands, in addition to 12 others.

Executive Director Curtis Grothmann notes that The Heartland entertained at the awards banquet the residents who allowed the judging committee into their homes.

Heartlands officials are justifiably proud of the awards, which are on display in the community center.

Camps Hope and Joy

This summer, Bethany United Methodist Church sponsored many young people for Camp Hope and Camp Joy, two work camps in the Appalachian Mountains.

Camp Joy took place in the mountains of West Virginia. From July 16 to 25, nine young people and six adults went tend camping while they helped to rehab two homes, including roofing, painting, repairing walls and general cleanup.

Adult participants included Kevin George, Jennifer George, David Boyer, Alex Gralia, Rhonda Rust and Juvena Tincher.

High schoolers included Katie Coker, Angie Henderson, Anna Vernon, Kevin Smith, Lauren Davis, Anne Ray, Andrew Boyer, Julia Stephens and Lindsay Vanous.

Camp Hope volunteers stayed at Frostburg State University dorms while they rehabbed three homes, painting an entire home, replacing floors, walls, ceilings and steps.

Adult participants included Bruce Smith, Kathie Smith, Bob Nauman, Ken Henderson, Laura Shilling, Mary Lou Rowe and Bill Chedester.

Young people included Karolyn Plumlee, Jeff Lee, Brian Shilling, Ryan Smith, Kristen Hawthorne, Matt Smith, Courtney DeVon, Scott Patterson, Sheaffer Walton, Leslie Benfer and Sarah Clive.

These children raised money at the church and found sponsorships as well as paid for building materials.

They worked eight hours each day through the record-breaking heat while having a great time.

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