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There are few sure things you can...


There are few sure things you can say about the 1996 Orioles. They will promise a winner. They will play it one game at a time and strive to stay within themselves. And they will include and market themselves around Cal Ripken. But how about his longest-running teammates? Which ones will be back?


Brady Anderson -- EVEN -- Joined O's in 1988. Likely move of Bobby Bonilla to third could keep him around even if O's add a slugging outfielder.

Chris Hoiles -- UP -- 1989. With five-year, $17.25 million contract that ends in 1999, he would be back even if he still were hitting .171.

Ben McDonald -- EVEN -- 1989. If his agent is as willing to accept a pay cut as McDonald is, this two-game winner likely will be back.

Leo Gomez -- DOWN -- 1990. If he couldn't keep Jeff Manto from taking his job, he's not going to unseat Bonilla. Not versatile enough for bench.

Mike Mussina -- UP -- 1991. Is the only pitcher on the 1995 Opening Day roster who is assured of being there in 1996.

Arthur Rhodes -- UP -- 1991. Late-season bullpen success was intriguing, and shoulder surgery should keep other teams from pursuing him.


Note: Statistics through Thursday.

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