Volunteers lend a hand in cleanup


Nearly 1,000 volunteers showed up yesterday on Maryland and Virginia beaches and rivers for the annual Delmarva Coastal Cleanup, sifting out cigarette butts, plastic wrappers and other debris left on the waterfront from the busy summer.

The cleanup, sponsored by Delmarva Power, will continue Saturday on the Delaware beaches.

"I saw a lot of Boy Scouts, high school environmental groups, retirees -- you name it," said Matt Likovich, spokesman for the company, which for five years has been advertising the cleanup in bills it sends to customers, urging them to help.

An inventory of the trash will go to the Center for Marine Conservation in Washington. "It gives them a handle on what kind of debris is being tossed about, and educate people to the dangers," Mr. Likovich said.

The trash will be sorted into recyclables, and the rest probably put in a landfill, he said.

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