Helmsley faces more work since others did job for her


NEW YORK -- A federal judge ordered Leona Helmsley yesterday to perform an additional 150 hours of community service after learning that her household employees did work that she was supposed to do under her sentence for tax fraud.

Mrs. Helmsley, owner of the luxury Helmsley Hotels who was once quoted as saying that "only the little people" pay taxes, was convicted in 1989 for claiming personal expenses as business deductions. She served 18 months in prison.

She claimed to have completed her court-ordered 750 hours of volunteer work in January. But her employees said she dodged that by having domestic workers stuff envelopes and do other chores for a Scottsdale, Ariz., hospital where she volunteered.

At a hearing in New York, U.S. District Judge Thomas Griesa ordered that Mrs. Helmsley devote an extra 150 hours to some other job.

"I do not see a great social purpose in having Mrs. Helmsley stuff envelopes," Judge Griesa said.

He told her attorney, Arthur Liman, and federal prosecutor Cathy Seibel to find a project in New York that wouldn't interfere with the care of her ailing husband, Harry.

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