Around the house* Remove stubborn spots from...


Around the house

* Remove stubborn spots from windows. Moisten a cloth or sponge with rubbing alcohol and wipe away stains.

* Clean beneath area rugs at least twice a year. Vacuum padding and floor thoroughly.

* Keep a child's broom in foyer hall closet or near the front entrance of your home. A daily quick brush over welcome mats or rugs will keep area free from tracked-in debris, and you won't have to haul out vacuum cleaner.

* Enjoy your summer vacations year round. Collect a print from each place you have traveled. When you have accumulated enough for a grouping, frame and hang in a visible spot.

In the garden

* Divide summer-blooming varieties of perennials that have grown too large. Blooms will increase on the new plantings within a few years.

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