AS BRAD JACOBS records on the page...


AS BRAD JACOBS records on the page opposite today, The Evening Sun always opposed political machines. In fact, its first salvo was fired in one of its very first editorials, April 18, 1910:

When the history of the Mahool Administration is written it will be recorded that the troubles which menaced and, possibly, spoiled it were due to the spirit of compromise which seems to have actuated the Mayor from the beginning. A man must be one thing or the other. He cannot play with the machine and against it too. "Ye cannot serve God and Mammon" is as true in politics as in religion.

How many of the Mayor's troubles, we wonder, have been due to the constant presence in his office of A.S. Goldsborough? To have forever at one's elbow a man who thinks only in terms of machine politics, who is wholly insensible to modern enlightened ideas of political matters, who politically is so narrow that he about realizes the mathematical definition of a line, having length perhaps, but neither breadth nor thickness -- this is enough to chill the enthusiasm of a far more masterful man than the present Mayor. Only a great genius can overcome the influence of an unsympathetic environment.

In one of those interesting "Stories of Maryland Politics" which appeared in THE SUN yesterday a significant incident of the Hayes administration was recalled. How "Dan" Loden obtained office in a department under Hayes and how he labored shrewdly and efficiently to make that department a cog in the Rasin machine, how he became a member of the Mayor's "Kitchen Cabinet" and as one of Hayes' confidential advisers strove secretly to undermine the whole structure that the Mayor was building up, -- this is a characteristic instance of the way the organization politician works.

Loden was engrafted on the Hayes administration through the expert manipulation of a shrewd boss. Mahool chose the man at his elbow with his eyes open. Hayes was a real man. When he learned the true inwardness of Loden's activities the latter was incontinently "fired." It may be a little late in the day to bring up this subject, but -- what is the Mayor going to do?


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