County police kill menacing pit bull


County police shot and killed a pit bull that was foaming at the mouth just before dawn Thursday after the dog circled houses in the 8600 block of Head Harbour in Riviera Beach, frightening neighbors so much they would not leave their houses.

Police said Officer James W. Shreiber saw the dog, which weighed 80 to 100 pounds, foaming at the mouth and acting aggressively as it walked around. Officer Schreiber emptied an entire canister of pepper spray at the dog, but it had no effect on the animal, police said.

Two other officers, one with his personal shotgun, arrived to help. When the dog spotted Officer Andrew A. Klausing, it began to growl and foam at the mouth, police said.

As Officer Klausing began to retreat, the dog advanced on him. The officer fired twice, killing the dog, police said.

Man wielding knife robs beauty salon

A knife-wielding man robbed a Pasadena beauty salon Wednesday of the an undisclosed amount of money, county police said yesterday.

Police said a man walked into the Hot Spot Salon in the 8500 block of Fort Smallwood Road about 9:30 p.m., flashed a knife and demanded money. He pocketed the cash and fled, police said.

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