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BALTIMORE CITY* BURGLARY: Northern District -- A...



* BURGLARY: Northern District -- A mountain bike valued at more than $800 was stolen Wednesday from a garage in the 4200 block of Greenway.

* THEFT: Northern District -- While a 14-year-old boy was shopping at the Rite-Aid pharmacy in the 5600 block of The Alameda on Wednesday, someone stole his dirt bike -- valued at $400 -- that he had parked outside the store.

* BURGLARY: Northern District -- Two televisions, two videocassette recorders and a microwave oven, all valued at more than $700, were stolen Wednesday from a house in the 1000 block of Tunbridge Road.

* BURGLARY: Northern District -- A compact disc player, 15 compact discs, a VCR and $800 in cash -- a total loss of more than $2,000 -- were stolen Wednesday from a townhouse in the first block of Cross Keys Road.

* ASSAULT: Northern District -- A 33-year-old resident of the 3600 block of Paine St. was in the 100 block of Kenwood Road on Wednesday when he was struck by a car operated by a woman he knows. The man was treated at St. Joseph Medical Center for arm injuries. The woman drove off and charges against her were pending an investigation of the incident.

* ROBBERY WITH A DOG: Western District -- A robber, who threatened his victim with a pit bull, robbed a man of more than $150 Wednesday in the 2200 block of W. Lafayette Ave. During the robbery, the dog bit the victim, who was treated at Bon Secours Hospital.

* THEFT: Western District -- A 24-year-old man known as "Fats" stole more than $200 from a customer in a store in the 500 block of Ashburton St.

* ROBBERY TRY: Southwestern District -- An elderly woman was in the 2500 block of Ashburton St. on Wednesday when a man tried to steal her purse. When the woman cried out, the man fled.


* SHOPLIFTING/ARREST: White Marsh Precinct -- Police arrested a 32-year-old Baltimore woman who is accused of trying to leave Hecht Co. at Golden Ring Mall in the 6400 block of Rossville Blvd. without paying for more than $300 worth of sweat shirts Wednesday. Charged was Jacqueline Allen, of the 100 block of N. Carrollton Ave.

* STOLEN CAR: Towson Precinct -- A four-door gold-colored 1989 Acura Legend with tags BBK 933 was stolen Wednesday from a garage in the first block of E. Burke Ave.

* ATTEMPTED ROBBERY: Towson Precinct -- A 44-year-old resident of the 6600 block of Collinsdale Road was walking near his home Tuesday night when he was stopped by a man who asked for the time, then brandished a gun and demanded his money. During a struggle, the gun discharged, lodging a bullet in a book the victim was carrying. The gunman fled.


* CALL IN TIPS: Readers with information on these or other crimes can call Metro Crime Stoppers' confidential 24-hour hot line, 276-8888. Names are not taken, calls are not recorded and rewards of up to $2,000 may be paid for information.

Police Blotter is a representative, not comprehensive, list of crimes in Baltimore City and Baltimore County, reported by Richard Irwin.

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