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JOE BOROWSKICareer recordHas averaged more than one...



Career record

Has averaged more than one strikeout per inning during his six-year professional career. Has not given up a run in six major-league innings. Originally signed by the Chicago White Sox in the 32nd round of the June 1989 draft.

Personal record

Born in Bayonne, N.J., and still lives there. Was a New York Yankees fan growing up. Turned 24 on May 4. Played football and baseball at Marist High School and attended Rutgers University.

Favorite food

Italian. His favorite dish is chicken Parmesan.

Favorite television show

"Melrose Place"

Favorite movie

"The Brady Bunch"

Favorite music

"I like alternative, but I usually just flip through the stations."

First job

"I delivered papers when I was 11 or 12 to save up for a bike."

Best superstition

"I have little things I do throughout the day, but the one I do when I get here is to tie my shoes once I am dressed and never retie them. I don't care if my shoelaces are undone and I am going to pitch. I won't do it. Once I retied them when I was going in to pitch and I gave up runs. I won't do it again."

How he passes time on road trips

"I wake up later than most and usually watch soap operas. I also like to get to the park early, so I can work out and then allow my body to relax before the game."

Best moment

"When I got called up to the majors from Bowie. It was a total shock. I'll never forget it."

Most embarrassing moment

"One time I walked off the mound when there were only two outs. I had to play myself out of that one. I walked about 10 feet off the mound and then I realized it. I stopped, acted like I was stretching and walked back. Luckily, it only happened one time."

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