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On the field: Left-hander Rick Krivda has worked with his pitching coaches this year -- Claude Osteen in Triple-A, Mike Flanagan in the majors -- on improving his move to first base. He picked off two runners in Cleveland last weekend, and last night he caught Randy Velarde breaking for second base in the third inning. However, Rafael Palmeiro's throw to shortstop Cal Ripken was a little off line, and Velarde reached second safely.

In the dugout: Before the game, Yankees manager Buck Showalter was called by the agent for outfielder Ruben Sierra to discuss his client's lack of playing time. Showalter quickly ended the conversation, telling the agent to direct his complaints at Yankees general manager Gene Michael. Sierra was in the lineup last night as designated hitter, doubling in his first at-bat.

In the clubhouse: Regan said that he's satisfied with the play of Bobby Bonilla at third base. "He's playing all right. I think he's going to be able to play there. I'm not saying he's going to be Brooks Robinson, but he's going to be adequate."

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