Bryn Mawr Mawrtians 1994 record: 10-3-2. Coach: Jeannette Budzik.

Top players: Emily Hickman, Sr., M; Gailor Large, Jr., D; Kim Smith, Soph., F; Jen Couglin, Jr., D; Janice Kim, Sr., D; Katie MacColl, Jr., F.

Outlook: The Mawrtians reached the AIS A Division tournament championship game last year for the first time in four years, but they lost eight starters to graduation. Despite their youth, they have plenty of skill, stickwork and athletic ability. All-Metro pick Hickman, Large, and transfer Smith give the Mawrtians a solid foundation. If the younger players can mesh with the veterans they should make another run at the title.

Friends Quakers 1994 record: 9-8. Coach: Carol Samuels.

Top players: Emily Santos, Sr., M; Lydia Reis, Sr., F; Simone Stalling, Sr., M/D; Susannah Gust, Sr., F; Gwen Armbruster, Sr., D; Cary Pirone, Sr., M.

Outlook: The Quakers won their half of the A Division only to fall in double overtime in the tournament opener. With a strong returning nucleus, they have speed, power and finesse. Most of the attack returns, so the rebuilding job comes on defense, where the Quakers usually shine. The experience of the forwards and midfielders should keep the Quakers competitive while the defense catches up.

Garrison Forest Grizzlies 1994 record: 11-0-3. Coach: Micul Ann Morse.

Top players: Jacque Weitzel, Sr., G; Lauren Klein, Sr., F; Courtney Austin, Sr., F; Cortney Foster, Sr., D.

Outlook: The Grizzlies pulled off a rarity en route to the AIS A Division championship last year -- an undefeated season. They boasted one of the stingiest defenses around allowing three goals in 14 games and only giving up one in the tournament. Most of that defense is gone, but the Grizzlies should rebuild quickly with the help of veterans Weitzel and Foster. A powerhouse attack could make up for any defensive lapses with five returning veterans. The Grizzlies seem to have everything they need to challenge for their fifth AIS title in 12 years.

Lutheran Saints 1994 record: 6-13-1. Coach: Linda Weinreich.

Top players: Brandy Busick, Sr., D; Jen Werner, Jr., D; Sara Cole, Sr., D; Jessica Schneider, Sr., F; Jenn Mosko, Sr., F; Heather Grose, Soph., G.

Outlook: With their entire defense returning, the Saints could make a big move in the B Division. Halfbacks Busick, Werner and Cole all have experience and they should be able to hold off much of the opposition while Grose gets used to the varsity level. In addition, the Saints should have a more balanced attack with several strong forwards returning.

Maryvale Lions 1994 record: 7-4-4. Coach: Teddi Burns.

Top players: Jen Gray, Jr., M; Mary Kate Morris, Sr., G; Erin Brooks, Sr., D; Molly O'Conor, Sr., F; Candace Cummings, Sr., F; Katie Lafferty, Jr., F.

Outlook: Like many of the other AIS A Division teams, the Lions lost most of their defense to graduation. Returning Brooks and Morris should help the young sters learn quickly. With so much returning power on attack, Burns doesn't see how the Lions could not score a lot of goals. McDonogh


1994 record: 5-7-2. Coach: Cathy Shorreck.

Top players: Kristen Ward, Sr., D; Sara Herman, Soph., M/F; Catherine Ampagoomian, Sr., F; Kristin Lyall, Jr., F; Ashlee Silver, Jr., F; Taryn Goodman, Sr., D.

Outlook: Last year was a transition year for the Eagles, who were young and had a new coach. Shorreck expects to reap the rewards with a faster, more determined squad. The Eagles struggled to finish their scoring opportunities last year, so more experience on the line should mean more goals. With just four starters to replace, the Eagles could be among the A Division's most improved teams.

Notre Dame Prep Pirates 1994 record: 3-5-2. Coach: Kathleen Gower.

Top players: Katie Daniecki, Sr., D; Kate Kaiser, Soph., F; Sophia Lyford-Pike, Jr., M; Betsy Campbell, Sr., F; Maggie Kilroy, Sr., F; Liz Brown, Sr., D.

Outlook: The Pirates hope to get back on track with a veteran squad that will get a boost from players moving up from a strong junior varsity. The Pirates have speed and skill spread throughout the field, but their strength should be on the line where three players return. With so much experience, it shouldn't take the Pirates long to improve on last year's record.


1994 record: 2-10-2. Coach: Betsy Jennings.

Top players: Annie Finney, Jr., M; Holly Perzynski, Jr., F; Julia Carroll, Jr., M; Nicole Root, Jr., F.

Outlook: This should be a rebuilding year for Oldfields after losing 10 seniors to graduation. Very little experience returns from a team that fell by one goal in the final 18 seconds of overtime during last year's B Division tournament semifinal. Still, Oldfields has a lot of athletic ability and a strong midfield, so it should at least keep pace with last year's record.

Park Bruins 1994 record: 8-2-3. Coach: Barbara Purkey.

Top players: Rebecca Shapiro, Soph., G; Anya Salkowski-Bartlett, Jr., M; Aperna Wilder, Soph., F; Leah Rabin, Sr., D; Lisa Miller, Fresh., F; Megan Gauvey-Kern, Fresh., D.

Outlook: The Bruins turned in a sensational season last year after moving up from the B Division, but graduation has taken a huge toll. Youth and inexperience should keep the Bruins down a bit this season. The Bruins could toughen as the season goes on.

Roland Park Reds 1994 record: 10-3-2. Coach: Debbie Bloodsworth.

Top players: Hedy Born, Sr., F; Jen Murray, Sr., M; Lizzy Bennett, Sr., M/F; Meredith Shuey, Sr., G; Erin McInnes, Soph. F; Alli Harper, Jr., F.

Outlook: Although they lost all of their field defenders to graduation, the Reds return plenty of experience at midfield and on the line. They know how to set up goals and they know how to score them. The young defense will get a boost from veteran Shuey, one of four senior all-stars returning. If the defense develops quickly it could mean a strong showing come tournament time for the Reds, who missed the AIS A Division tournament championship game last fall for the first time in seven years.

Seton Keough Gators 1994 record: 3-12-2. Coach: Samantha Flanagan.

Top players: Becky Sokol, Jr., F; Molly McDonnell, Sr., D; Meghan Noone, Sr., M; Julie Musiker, Jr., F; Colleen Bauer, Sr., D.

Outlook: The Gators graduated a wealth of talent from last year's AIS B Division tournament champion team, including All-Metro second-team goalie Celia Ashton. With so many new faces including a new coach, the Gators don't have the experience to match their skills, so they could start off slowly. But they know how to peak come tournament time. After all, they went into last year's tournament with just one win and came away with the title.

St. Paul's Gators 1994 record: 3-8-2. Coach: Eileen Alban.

Top players: Gretchen Goldberg, Sr., G; Nikki Satyshur, Sr., D; Mills Hook, Jr., F; Sarah Oglesby, Jr., M; Michelle Wachter, Jr., F; Krissa McBride, Sr., D.

Outlook: New coach Alban has high hopes for improving on last year's record. Defensively, the Gators have a solid foundation in Goldberg and sweeper Satyshur. They also have speed and experience on the line. Alban is hoping that some early success will give the Gators a shot of confidence.

St. Timothy's 1994 record: 0-11. Coach: Janet Powers.

Top players: Leah Cato, Sr., D; Sherry Edwards, Sr., F; Margaret Pilachowski, Sr., M.

Outlook: With no seniors on the squad last year, St. Timothy's had a tough time in the AIS B Division. This year, a bit more experience returns and it is spread out on the field. Powers also has some depth with a bigger turnout after having just 12 players last year.

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