Temporary ice rink planned at Quiet Waters


A temporary ice skating rink could be installed at Quiet Waters Park and open for business by Nov. 18, a county spokesman said yesterday.

The county is negotiating with Arctic Refrigeration of Glen Burnie to install a $250,000 rink on the reflecting pond, said spokesman Larry Telford. It will sit atop the 6-year-old, $1 million in-ground system that broke down in December 1993.

The park had attracted up to 1,000 skaters a day during the Christmas holidays until maintenance crews discovered leaks in the 1.5 miles of underground pipes that chilled the ice, park officials said.

The county filed a $4 million suit in Anne Arundel County Circuit Court against the designer, builder and insurer of the in-ground rink on May 30, claiming shoddy work has kept residents from using the rink for almost two years.

Construction of the temporary rink should begin before the month's end, Mr. Telford said.

The temporary system can be dismantled and stored each spring and reused each winter.

Meanwhile, he said, officials will consider whether to give up on plans to rebuild the in-ground rink or to build a new in-ground rink elsewhere at the park.

Mr. Telford said buying the temporary system appeared more cost-effective than renting it. Officials were told last season that it would cost about $80,000 to lease a similar system for 2 1/2 months, he said.

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