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Student charged with having drugs at high school


A 17-year-old student at South Carroll High School in Winfield was arrested at the school after the alleged sale of LSD attracted the attention of a teacher Monday. State police said the girl was arrested after three doses of the hallucinogenic drug were sold to two students inside the school. After the $15 exchange, the LSD was passed to yet another student who flushed the drug down a toilet.

Detective Sgt. Gary Cofflin, regional supervisor of the state police drug enforcement division, said the alleged seller and two buyers were taken to the principal's office and a search of the 17-year-old girl's books revealed marijuana and cocaine, plus a mirror and a razor blade, paraphernalia used in the dealing of drugs.

Police said the juvenile was charged with possession of cocaine, marijuana and LSD. She also was charged with conspiracy to distribute LSD and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was released to her parents.

Officers said the buyers, who still may face drug charges, have agreed to testify against the seller on the LSD charges.

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