From The Sun Sept. 10-16, 1845Sept. 10:...


From The Sun Sept. 10-16, 1845

Sept. 10: Arrangements are now complete for connecting the principal cities of the northern seaboard by means of Morse's Magnetic Telegraph, before the commencement of the next session of Congress.

Sept. 16: A "green 'un" from somewhere in Baltimore County yesterday made complaint at the office of Justice Armstrong that he had been done out of a $5 note and a breast pin by some one of the fair damsels in Lerew's Alley. He will take better care next time.

From The Sun Sept. 10-16, 1895

Sept. 10: Rev. W. H. H. Powers, rector of Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church, Towson, has become an expert rider on the bicycle which was presented to him by the ladies of the congregation.

Sept. 11: A controversy has arisen between Superintendent Finnan, of the county-fire alarm telegraph, and Mr. Edward H. Bouton, general manager of the Roland Park Company, with regard to the erection of fire-alarm telegraph poles in Roland Park.

From The Sun Sept. 10-16, 1945

Sept. 11: Prisoner-of-war labor will be withdrawn from all food processing plants in Maryland by Oct. 10, Lawrence B. Fenneman, director of the State War Manpower Commission, said yesterday.

Sept. 13: A crowd officially estimated by police between 45,000 and 50,000 people last night witnessed the joint V-J Day-Defender's Day celebration at Fort McHenry.

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