Hospice Cup offers racers, novices chance to compete for )) good cause


One of sailing's big events locally comes next weekend: Shearwater Sailing Club's Hospice Cup XIV, featuring on-water action on Saturday for PHRF, MORC and J/30 racers, as well as a non-spinnaker Hospice Class for those who don't normally race, followed by a party shoreside where trophies, including Hospice Cup awards, are presented.

Entries are due Wednesday (or postmarked by Tuesday) for the event, for which Buddy Melges is this year's honorary chairman. Proceeds from sponsorships of the event and all entry fees benefit seven area hospices -- Hospice of Anne Arundel Medical Center, Calvert Hospice, Hospice of the Chesapeake, Montgomery Hospice Society, Hospice of Northern Virginia, Hospice of Prince George's County and Baltimore's Joseph Richey Hospice.

More than $2 million has been raised over the event's 14-year history to benefit local hospices, which provide care and support for terminally ill patients and their families.

Hospice Cup in Annapolis has become a model for similar programs across the country. Many have been given a substantial assist from Annapolitan Virginia Beeton Brown, who spearheaded the Annapolis program 14 years ago.

Hospice Class sailors may take advantage of a program offered by the Naval Academy Sailing Squadron, which will provide volunteer crew to help nonracers handle the challenge of competition. Those interested in racing in the Hospice Class, which uses its own race course separate from the CBYRA racers in PHRF, MORC and J/30, should call Catherine Pearson, (703) 734-8178 or 1-800-816-7726.

Check out the CBYRA Green Book for race details and information, or call Cathy Stavely or John Pasley at (410) 268-2342, or Mary Radzik at Hospice Cup Inc. (703) 538-2062.

WRSC annual regatta

While hundreds of big-boat sailors converged on Annapolis last weekend for Annapolis Race Week at West River Sailing Club, a long-standing one-design tradition was under way: WRSC's 66th annual regatta. The tried and true format was in effect, starting with a long-distance race from Annapolis to Galesville on Friday, then two days of closed-course racing on Saturday and Sunday.

More than 100 boats competed in several classes, including Optimists (Green fleet), Penguins, Albacore, 470, Star, Flying Scot, Laser, Chesapeake 20, International Canoes/Contenders and Jet 14s.

Five races were run, with three on Saturday and two on Sunday, in the no-throw-out series. In addition to WRSC's own sailors, other clubs represented included Annapolis Yacht Club, Tred Avon Yacht Club and the Severn Sailing Association.

Single Handed (International Canoe/Contender, 7 starters): 1. John Kells; 2. Roger Link.

Optimist Green Fleet (12 starters): 1. K. While; 2. Lynch; 3. J. Howell; 4. L. Rosenthal.

470 (3 starters): 1. Abramson/O'Toole.

Jet 14 (8 starters): 1. M. Parramore; 2. D. Irey; 3. D. Schwenk.

Star (3 starters): 1. J. Truppelli.

Albacore (10 starters): 1. B. Harris; 2. D. Byron; 3. Leonard.

Chesapeake 20 (12 starters): 1. R. Bloomquist; 2. W. Crandall; 3. R. Watson.

Flying Scot (12 starters): 1. D. Neff; 2. H. Carpenter; 3. F. Gibson.

Laser (25 starters): 1. D. Schoene; 2. N. Takanka; 3. M. Schmidt; 4. B. Tan.

Penguins (13 starters): results not available.

Beach Cat Marathon coming

In what might be called an Iron Man event for catamaran sailors, competitors will tackle a taxing 100-mile course from Baltimore to Cambridge and back over the weekend of Sept. 23-25.

The regatta begins with rigging the cats on Friday evening at Glenmar Community Sailing Center at Rocky Point Park, five miles east of Baltimore. The next morning at 8 the sailors will leave the beach and sail to Cambridge, where, after spending the night, they will sail back to Baltimore on Sunday.

For more information, contact Greg Scace, (301) 208-0828.

Severn Sailing Association

Don Has Crabs Regatta

Sept. 2-3

Day Sailer (13 starters): 1. Rob Bonney, 4.25 (2-1-1-1); 2. Curt Wagner, 10.75 (1-3-3-4); 3. Steve Seide, 12 (3-2-2-5); 4. Al Hersey, 18 (6-2).

Vanguard 15 (13 starters): 1. Michael Devlin, 9.25 (1*-1-1-4); 2. James Appel, 11 (3-2-3-3); 3. Roger Mays, 14.75 (2*-3-5-1); 4. Bob Ames, 20 (5-6-4-5).

Johnson 18 (4 starters): 1. Stephen Constants, 4.25 (1-1-1-2); 2. Rick Paublin, 6.75 (2-2-2-1).

Thistle (6 starters): 1. Peter Hale, 4.5 (3-1-1); 2. Mark Saunders, 6.75 (1-2-4); 3. Don Moore, 8 (1-2-4).

* 20 percent penalty added to finish for score.

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