Oakland at Washington -- Raiders: K Jeff Jaeger (knee) and Gerald Perry (arm) are out; S Eddie Anderson (hip) is probable. Redskins: CB Muhammad Oliver (knee), DE Rich Owens (elbow), C Cory Raymer (ankle) and QB Heath Shuler (shoulder) are out; DE Terry Crews (shoulder) is probable.


Carolina at Buffalo -- Panthers: CB Steve Lofton (ankle) is out; WR Brian Wiggins (shoulder) is doubtful; G Andrew Peterson (back) is questionable; G Matt Elliott (calf) is probable. Bills: DE Karl Wilson (knee) and NT Ed Philion (leg) are out; DT James Patton (hip) is doubtful; S Matt Darby (hamstring), WR Steve Tasker (hamstring) and LB David White (hamstring) are questionable; T John Fina (elbow) and T Glenn Parker (back) are probable.

Indianapolis at New York Jets -- Colts: DT Tony Siragusa (knee) is doubtful; WR Wendell Davis (knees) and DE Thomas McLemore (neck) are questionable; WR Willie Anderson (knee), S Conrad Clarks (hamstring), WR Ben Fronson (ankle), TE Ken Dilger (foot), RB Zach Crockett (hamstring) and DT Tony McCoy (ankle) are probable. Jets: DT Lou Benfatti (knee), DT Tony Casillas (back) and LB Marvin Jones (ankles) are out; LB Kyle Clifton (hamstring) and G Carlton Haselrigh (back) are probable.


Jacksonville at Cincinnati -- Jaguars: T Tony Boselli (knee) and TE Derek Brown (ribs) are out; S Mike Dumas (ankle), CB Chris Hudson (groin), TE Carig Keith (shoulder), DE Ernie Logan (wrist) and RB James Stewart (shoulder) are probable. Bengals: CB Mike Brim (back), QB David Klingler (jaw) and DE Ty Parten (thumb) are out; RB Jason Burns (hamstring), RB James Joseph (groin) and CB Corey Sawyer (shoulder) are questionable. P Lee Johnson and DB Chris Shelling (hamstring) are probable.

Miami at New England -- Dolphins: CB Frankie Smith (hamstring) is out; WR Gary Clark (hamstring) and TE Ronnie Williams (calf) are probable. Patriots: RB Corey Croom (groin) and OT Pat Harlow (leg) are questionable.

Pittsburgh at Houston -- Steelers: QB Neil O'Donnell (finger) and CB Rod Woodson (knee) are out; DE Kevin Henry (shoulder) and WR Corey Holliday (knee) are questionable; TE Jonathan Hayes (toe), WR Yancy Thigpen (ribs), QB Mike Tomczak (ribs) and FB John L. Williams (knee) are probable. Oilers: CB Steve Jackson (hamstring) is out; QB Chris Chandler (shoulder), TE Mike Roan (shoulder) and TE James Thornton (ankle) are questionable.

Seattle at San Diego -- Seahawks: DE Antonio Edwards (knee), WR Ricky Proehl (ankle), OT Ray Roberts (ankle) and LB Dean Wells (elbow) are out; OT James Atkins and RB Lamar Smith (ankle) are probable. Chargers: CB Darrien Gordon (shoulder), TE Deems May (foot), WR Jimmy Oliver (shoulder) and G Troy Sienkiewicz (knee) are out; WR Andre Coleman (hip) is questionable; RB Natrone Means (hip) is probable.

Atlanta at San Francisco -- Falcons: QB Perry Klein (ankle) and OG Mike Zandofsky (knee) are out; WR Bert Emanuel (hamstring) and DT Jumpy Geathers (groin) is questionable; S Devin Bush (hamstring), S Roger Harper (abdomen) and CB Anthony Phillips (thigh) are probable. 49ers: WR J.J. Stokes (hand) is out; WR John Tayor (knee) is doubtful; OT Harris Barton (calf) is questionable; S Dedrick Dodge (ankle), CB Tyronne Drakeford (toe), LB Gary Plummer (groin), OT Steve Wallace (knee), RB Jamal Willis (asthma) and QB Steve Young (neck) are probable.

Detroit at Minnesota -- Lions: RB Eric Lynch (foot) is out. WR Herman Moore (ankle) is questionable. Vikings: OT Rick Cunningham (knee) is probable.

New Orleans at St. Louis -- Saints: LB Winfred Tubbs (calf) is out; LB Rufus Porter (groin) is doubtful; WR J.J. McCleskey (ankle) is questionable; TE Kirk Botkin (hamstring) is probable. Rams: S Gerald McBurrows (knee) and OT Zach Wiegert (knee) are questionable; G Leo Goeas (knee) is probable.

Philadelphia at Arizona -- Eagles: DT Rhett Hall (lungs) is out; S Greg Jackson (shoulder) and G Joe Panos (hip) are probable. Cardinals: RB Mark Higgs (back) is doubtful.


New York Giants at Kansas City -- Giants: OT Scott Gragg (foot), WR Thomas Lewis (foot) and RB Tyrone Wheatley (ribs) are out; WR Mike Sherrard (ribs) is doubtful; S Jesse Campbell (thigh) and TE Aaron Pierce (ankles-knee) are questionable. Chiefs: LB Jamie Fields (arm) is out; LB Greg Manusky (shoulder), DT Dan Saleamua (knee) and CB Jay Taylor (shoulder) are questionable; LB Anthony Davis (hamstring), TE Derrick Walker (shoulder) and WR Chris Penn (ankle) are probable.

Tampa Bay at Cleveland -- Buccaneers: CB Martin Mayhew (knee) is out; WR Alvin Harper (knee) is doubtful; WR Horace Copeland (heart rate), LB Lonnie Marts (knee) are probable. Browns: RB Tommy Vardell (knee) is questionable; TE Brian Kinchen (hamstring) is probable.

Denver at Dallas -- Broncos: DT Michael Dean Perry (knee) is out; S Rondell Jones (knee) and WR Anthony Miller (hamstring) are questionable. Cowboys: CB Kevin Smith (Achilles) is out; TE Eric Bjornson (shoulder), DE Charles Haley (calf) and WR Ed Hervey (leg) are questionable; RB David Lang (ankle) and OT Ron Stone (ankle) are probable.


Green Bay at Chicago -- Packers: LB Bernardo Harris (arm) is out; DT Gilbert Brown (elbow) and DE Matt LeBounty (knee) are doubtful; RB William Henderson (knee) and T Ken Ruettgers (back) are questionable; P Craig Hentrich (ankle) and K Chris Jacke (hamstring) are probable. Bears: RB Raymont Harris (collarbone) and S John Mangum (leg) are out; RB Lewis Tillman (ankle) is questionable; LB Sean Harris (hamstring) is probable.