Major-league baseball fans are wandering into unexplored...


Major-league baseball fans are wandering into unexplored territory. Never have they seen the end of a wild-card-era regular season that wasn't cut short by a strike. Here are some scheduled season-ending series and the chances that the matchups will offer some unscheduled drama:


Tigers at Orioles -- EVEN --Probable Bengals farewell for manager Anderson, and possible retirement for DP combo Trammell and Whitaker.

Dodgers at Padres -- UP -- Gwynn, seeking sixth batting title, goes against only player who can stop him: Piazza. Pennant might be on line, too.

Giants at Rockies -- EVEN -- Colorado could become 1st team with a league's top 4 homer hitters. Only the Rockies have higher NL ERA than Giants.

Mariners at Rangers -- UP -- Edgar Martinez (.494) tries to become the fifth player ever with a .500 on-base average. Wild card may be at stake, too.

Pirates at Cards -- EVEN -- After 108 years, this may be Bucs' last game representing Pittsburgh. Are they going to Disney World?

Twins at White Sox -- DOWN -- Frank Thomas plays in 258th straight game, moving within 12 seasons of tying Gehrig for second all time.


Note: Statistics through Thursday.

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