Ups and downsCal Ripken -- UP --...


Ups and downs

Cal Ripken -- UP -- What more can you say?

Streak Week -- UP -- What more can you say?

Fans, players, umps, etc. -- UP -- The object of their affection seemed quite touched by their outpouring of appreciation.

Lou Gehrig -- UP -- His record is surpassed, but his legacy grows.

Brooks Robinson -- UP -- Personally passes on the mantle of Mr. Oriole. Very, very classy.

Joe DiMaggio -- UP -- Doesn't make many personal appearances, but he was here for this one.

Jim Gott -- UP -- Gave up the game ball from his first major-league victory. Maybe the Orioles could give him a few balls from Games No. 2,130 and 2,131 in return.


"The baseball gods helped it out"

Cal Ripken, to teammate Brady Anderson, after hitting his home run on Tuesday night.


In Games No. 2,130 and 2,131, the Orioles hit a whopping 10 homers _ each and every one a solo homer, including two by Mr. Oriole himself.

The Week Ahead

Monday-Wednesday, vs. Boston. Based on how the Orioles fared against Boston last month, this could get real nasty. In fact, by the time this series is over, the O's could be out of contention for any wildcard spot. On the other hand, Boston is simply playing out the rest of its schedule, preparing for the playoffs. The O's and Red Sox split a four-game series in Camden Yards in June.

Thursday-Sunday, vs. New York. Yankees are still very much in the running for a wildcard spot. They'll need to win at least two games, and will have to face Mike Mussina in Game No. 3.

The Good

Ripken's speech was terrific. Rather than simply dole out a few empty thank yous, he made a tribute to baseball _ something that the game really needed right now.

The Bad

Hate to say it, but the Angels looked terrible. For a couple of days, it was kind of nice of them to play so poorly.

The Ugly

Those guys falling out of the bleachers in right-center field trying to reach out to Ripken. Geronimo.

A Move That Paid Off...

Orioles first baseman Rafael Palmeiro and right fielder Bobby Bonilla pushed Ripken out of the dugout for a lap around Camden Yards, likely the defining moment of Streak Week, and in the end, The Streak itself.

And One That Didn't

Seventeen years after the fact, 2,133 games into The Streak, think the 25 teams who had a shot at drafting Ripken and didn't do so might regret that decision a little?

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