The League of Women Voters guide to Baltimore City's primary election

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan organization (( which works to promote political responsibility through the informed and active participation of citizens in their government. The League does not support or oppose any political party or candidate.

The candidates' answers appear as submitted in response to a non-partisan questionnaire. If answers exceeded the specified word limitation, the additional words were cut where practical from the end of the candidates' statement.


Registered independent voters can vote in the Republican primary.

Primary Election: September 12, 1995


Polls Open: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m


Question asked of candidates for Baltimore City Council:

Priorities: What are your priorities if elected?


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Lloyd R. Barnes III (D)

Biography: Age: 31. Dunbar High School 1983; graduate


Sojourner-Douglass College 1994, business administration; member of national dean's list (college). President of Big B Realty Company; lifelong resident of Baltimore City except for when in the military; active in my community.

Priorities: Economics development of Baltimore City; improvement of education in Baltimore City Public Schools; make Baltimore City a safer environment for all.

Phillip A. Brown, Jr. (D)

Biography: Age: 40. Attended Baltimore City schools and Morgan State College. Longtime resident of Baltimore City; active PTA president; active community leader.

Priorities: I make things better for the city and its residents, make things happen for people and city.

Joan Carter Conway (D)


Biography: Age: 44. Graduate of the University of Baltimore, BA in sociology. Work: Hub director, Baltimore City government, more than 20 years of service to Baltimore citizenry. The Jentry McDonald Corp. program director, S.U.R.E. program, provides wrap-around services for homeless families. Volunteer: Numerous community service programs and organizationsI

Priorities: Crime, to reduce crime and implement citywide community policing; education, reduction of classroom size and the establishment of alternative schools for disruptive students; and expand employment opportunities.

Wilbur E. "Bill" Cunningham (D)

Biography: Age: 45. Baltimore City College, Towson State University, University of Baltimore MA public administration. 3rd District City Council representative since 1987; chair Health & Environment Committee; vice-chair Education & Human Resources Committee; member of the Planning Commission; past chair Land Use Committee.

Priorities: To continue efforts to make Baltimore a livable city that works for all citizens. Furthering my efforts to create a safe

environment; improve education; pursue promotion of economic and employment development. I'm involved in promoting regional cooperation and plan to continue that work.


Robert W. Curran (D)

Biography: Age: Not given. Blessed Sacrament School; Loyola High School; Mt. St. Mary's College; Community College of Baltimore. Baltimore City Democratic State Central Committee 1982-present; Vice-chair Baltimore City Democratic State Central Committee 1988-present; Executive board MD State Democratic Party; member Original Northwood Community Association I

Priorities: Play a role in reducing gun violence, and implement innovative ways to reduce the demand for drugs. Guarantee each student a new opportunity to learn in a safe non-disruptive environment. Be accessible and responsive to all City constituents.

Michael V. Dobson (D)

Biography: Age 45. Baltimore public schools; Morgan State College, mathematics, business administration.

Priorities: My major concern is the condition of the public school system and its effect on the city. I believe that an effective school system can have a significant impact on crime, the environment, housing, business, and citizen flight from the city.


Nina Harper (D)

Biography: Age: 44. St. Frances Academy, some college (business administration). Extensive training, sales and budget management. Elected Democratic State Central Committee-45th District, and secretary, Baltimore City delegation. Belair Edison community organizer; YMCA Adult Achiever Mentoring program; member of St. Francis Xavier Church.

Priorities: I intend to focus immediately on public safety, youth (education and recreation) and neighborhood preservation. I will work with all neighborhoods to develop a collaborative plan to deal with the problems at hand.

Dan L. Hiegel (D)

Biography: Age: 41. St. Mary's, Govans; Northern High School. Experience: Publicly naming pedestrian armed robbery as the country's primary problem in 1991.

Priorities: My priorities are crime punishment and learning the reason for the Sunpapers' disdain for walking-distance homes and schools.


Andre Holden (D)

Biography: Age: 34. I graduated from Northern High School in Baltimore City, Maryland, and I am also a graduated of Morgan CState University. I have not been or every was an elected official. (sic)

Priorities: I want armed citizen patrols. I support canning for violate student who hurt other student in school. I support canning for violate individual who hurt other people in the City of Baltimore. I support make some illegal drugs legal. (sic)

Martin O'Malley (D)

Biography: Age: 32. University of Maryland School of Law; Catholic University; Ganzaga High School. One term on the City Council; former Assistant State's Attorney; lawyer.

Priorities: Middle class flight from the city is the fatal symptom of urban decay. The primary causes of decay are crime, lack of quality education/jobs, and lack of consumer/business confidence in the future. I will continue to address these problems with specific solutions I


Donald Washington (D)

Biography: Age: 34. For more than a decade my education was applied to the community. As an activist I have helped to ensure recreational and entreprenurial programs citywide while teaching and mentoring character and responsibility through the example my own life.

Priorities: My priorities include providing safe homes, schools and communities. I'm a people person. I want what the people want. And, if my vision and wisdom differs, I'll share my rationale with the people I represent (I can be voted out, if my "hard" work is not wanted!)

C.C. Moss (R)

(No reply received.)



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Charles D. Bagley, Jr. (D)

Biography: Age 42. Merganthaler Voc. Tech 1972 cum laude; USAF Mech. C-130 aircraft; Community College of Baltimore, criminal justice; Catonsville Community College, criminal investigation; computer training. Computer literate; ordained clergyman; community organizer; program coordinator; employee activist.

Priorities: Legislating for us, better quality of life. Health care, for care providers. Breaking the cycle of crime, drugs, domestic violence. Safer school environment, work environment without harrassment. Jobs, more public service. Sanitation, housing.

Nancy Blackwell-Whyte (D)

(No reply received.)


Sheila Dixon (D)

Biography: Age: 41.Towson State University BA, Johns Hopkins University MS. International Trade Specialist, Office of Business

Development, Dept. of Business & Economic Development.; elected Democratic State Central Committee 1986; elected Baltimore City Council 1987 and 1991; chairperson Taxation and Finance Committee and Aging Sub-Committee I

Priorities: Job creation, creation of new industries, expansion of existing businesses, reduction in property taxes, and to continue to see that essential services are delivered to the citizens of Baltimore City, such as fire, police protection and enhancing neighborhoods.

Darius George Hall (D)

(No reply received.)


Tyrone Johnson (D)

(No reply received.)

A. Robert Kaufman (D)

Biography: Age: 64. Park School, Goddard College, Morgan State. Social activist for 48 years-civil rights, anti-war, gay rights, two-state solutions Palestine/Israel, national health insurance, unemployed and working people's rights. Organizer-citywide insurance coalition, citywide coalition, drug reform proposal.

Priorities: Ballot question to float loan to initiate non-profit auto/house insurance co-op; petition federal government to cease phony "War on Drugs" and treat it as a public health issue; demonstrate pro-working class candidate can win without sucking up to big money.

Keiffer J. Mitchell, Jr. (D)


Biography: Age: 27. Emory University,BA political science 1990; District of Columbia School of Law,JD 1994. White House intern 1994; law clerk public defender, law clerk NAACP Legal Defense Fund; acting president of Young Democrats, volunteer worker at Democratic National Conventions 1988 & 1992.

Priorities: My priorities if elected will be to bring jobs into the city, to improve public schools, to create more housing and to close the gap of the disparity of city services.

Medgar L. Reid (D)

(No reply received.)

Julian J. Thomas, Jr. (D)

Biography: Age 42 Morgan State University 1978, BS accounting. Baltimore Advisory Board "Trust for Public Land"; Mayor's Task Force "Gwynnsfalls Greenway" 1993-95; National treasurer, Rev. Dr. Emmett C. Burns, Jr. campaign to succeed Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks as Exec. Dir. NAACP 1992-93; president Franklintown Road Improvement Association 1990-94.


Priorities: Programs to assure family integrity, stability, and sound moral values; the development of more community based jobs; to increase the standard and quality of education in Baltimore City public school system; to increase the measures of safety and security such as community policing for community residents I

Gregory Truitt (D)

(No reply received.)

Agnes Welch (D)

Biography: Age: Not given. Douglass High School; Morgan State University, BA. Completing third term as city councilwoman, in fifth term as state central committee member, 4th term as chair of Baltimore City delegation of MD Democratic Central Committee, secretary of MD Democratic party for 2 years I

Priorities: If elected, my emphasis would be to reduce crime and the fear of crime, create more and better housing with an emphasis on homeownership, lobby for more money for education, and explore avenues to spur economic development and create jobs.



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Marlon Bell (D)

(No reply received.)

Robert John Berghel Jr. (D)

Biography: Age: 37. George Washington University, BA 1983; Washington & Lee University, BA Cum Laude 1980.Vice president, James F. Knott Realty Inc. 1989-present (real estate development); agent of MD Deposit Insurance Fund Corp 1985-87, helped resolve savings and loan crisis.


Priorities: My priorities are to reduce City expenditures, improve schools, reduce property taxes, reduce crime, and improve the economy of the city. I advocate reducing Public Works and Finance Department budgets and transferring the savings to the school system.

V. Lee Brady, Jr. (D)

Biography: Age: 36. Towson State University, BS; Community College of Baltimore, AA; graduate of Northwestern Sr. High. Graphic manager of a national association, art director at numerous local ad agencies, currently a Mac operator at the Art Litho Co.

Priorities: To implement a computerized networking system. This will allow political and non-political people alike the same informational access to help the community and themselves. I created a networking system called "Neighbors Networking." It will allow anyone in the community access by just using the phone.

Ronald Lee Carter (D)

Biography: Age 23 1/2. Forest Park Senior High School; attending B.C.C.C., studying political science/ criminal justice. First-time candidate; member of Future Program and Forest Park Senior Debate Team; received citation from Governor Schaeffer in 1992-93.


Priorities: To provide on-the-job skill training; to assist with G.E.D. preparation; to offer drug/crime intervention and prevention strategies; to assist with career and skill development; to provide social and cultural enrichment; to provide parenting skills.

Isaiah C. Fletcher, Sr. (D)

Biography: Age: 67. Morgan State College, AB English; Harvard University, M.Ed. Guidance & Counseling. Associate director, employment job development; education and youth incentives, Baltimore Urban League; director, Human Development Services, Schaefer administration-Baltimore City; director, Park Heights Community Corporation; recruitment specialist, EEO coordinator I

Priorities: My top priority is to have young people have a stronger voice and participation in education matters which relate to them. I will work to bring about more active participation of indigenous leadership in helping to solve various community problems, specifically identifying and reporting anyone active in the drug economyI

Charles W. Griffin (D)

(No reply received.)


Roland H. Holmes (D)

Biography: Age: 60. Dunbar; attended Morgan College. Operation Champ, Neighborhood Youth Corps; Dept. of Housing Community Development; Dept. of Housing & Urban Development; Dept. of Real Estate, City Hall; US Post Office; member Mayor's Police Advisory Board; past president Ashburton/East Arlington Neighborhood Association.

Priorities: To work with the elected mayor, council members, and others to make sure that there is sufficient revenue derived to support the budget that is needed to operate our city.

E. Gail Anderson Holness (D)

Biography: Age: 38. St. Mary's Seminary; University of Baltimore, MD; Howard University School of Law, JD 1981; Clark Atlanta University, BA 1978. Professor, Coppin State College; president & CEO, Anderson Holness, Inc.; associate minister, Concord Baptist Church; national assistant chaplain, NAACP; member, Ashburton Area Association I

Priorities: To ignite the F.I.R.E. against Fight violence & crime, Improve Baltimore public school, Revitalize economic development and active Empowerment in the community. Work groups with violent offender; oppose EAI privatization; stress management and sensitivity sessions for teachers and administrators.


Helen L. Holton (D)

Biography: Age: 34. Certified Public Accountant; Morgan State University/University of Baltimore, BS accounting; Johns Hopkins University, leadership development certificate, MS business management. 15 years in public accounting, Fortune 500 corporations, and small business; president of a financial and management consulting business.

Priorities: Personal safety/crime, emphasis on community policing, crime prevention, and drug treatment; education, developing initiatives to promote safer, smarter schools; and economic development, strategies to create more jobs and employers in Baltimore.

Michael E. Johnson (D)

Biography: Age: Not given. Edgecombe Circle Elementary, Pimlico Jr. High, Northwestern Sr. High; University of MD College Park, film & television production; Morgan State University, speech communication. Founder organizations -- Teens in Business, Urban Earth Kids, Phoenix Community Center, Community Film Festival, Northwest Community Health Council I

Priorities: Crime-increase foot patrolmen, crime prevention, drug treatment programs; educa-tion-smaller classes, parental and community involvement, quality pay for quality teachers; housing-reduce vacant properties, work to reduce property taxes; economic development-community based businesses, create job training opportunities.


William L. Kelly, Jr. (D)

Biography: Age: 52. Edmondson High School 1962; Community College of Baltimore 1971-73, 1983-84. Member of MD Classified Employees Association; labor relations representative ASCME and AFGI; manage own business; four years military; 21 years state employee, agent, supervisor, and manager.

Priorities: To strengthen the role the community has in implementing action to prevent crime, influence decisions regarding area schools, accessibility to city department responsible for housing, sanitation and business concerns. Implement a formal procedure to make the councilperson more accountable to his constituents.

Stephanie C. Rawlings (D)

Biography: Age: 25. Western High School, advanced college prep. 1988; Oberlin College, BA, politics 1992; University of MD Law School, JD 1995. 1990 & 1994 elected state central committee, 40th D.; 1994 appointed Baltimore City chairperson Voter Education & Registration, state central committee; 1992 convention aide, Democratic National Convention I

Priorities: Safety. I will work together with the neighborhoods in the city to promote community policing and community based problem solving of crime issues. Public schools. We should accept and expect only excellence in public school education. I will work school by school to make sure the principals have a clear vision I


Michele Rosenberg (D)

Biography: Age: 51. University of MD, BS, journalism; Johns Hopkins University, graduate courses, urban planning. State central committee and regional vice chair, Democratic Party 1986-94; Education Advisory Council; League of Women Voters; board member, Friends Gwynns Falls/Leakin Parks, New Democratic Coalition.

Priorities: Revamp Department of Education. Eliminate Tesseract program. Establish alternative schools for disruptive and violent students. Provide job security for city residents. Open more recreation centers. Make Baltimore's streets safe for residents. Friendlier atmosphere for economic development.

Harry E. Smith, Sr. (D)

Biography: Age: 64. Chairman, Allied Human Services Dept.; director, Human Services Institute of Baltimore City Community College; adjunct professor, Sojourner Douglass College of Baltimore; North Carolina Central University and Howard University degrees. 13 years commissioner Baltimore City Civil Service Commission; 20 years service with professional organization; 30 years as educator I

Priorities: Property taxes must be cut. Public education is a must to improve the outlook for economic development and job growth in Baltimore City. I would decentralize public schools and help PTAs and local people gain greater entrance into the public school system I


Rochelle Rikki Spector (D)

Biography: Age: 59. Baltimore public schools and Hebrew University; attended "Returning Women" program at Goucher College. Completing fourth full term in office, two terms as chair of Judiciary Committee, member of five other committees; represent City at the MD Association of Counties, president of the board.

Priorities: For 18 years I have served the needs of constituents; this will remain my priority. I am committed to redeveloping Baltimore's neighborhoods into places to live/work/play again. We must "recycle" the city's underutilized industrial land, housing stock, and infrastructure, as we recycled the Inner Harbor.

William M. Hall, Jr. (R)

(No reply received.)



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Lillian J. Carter (D)

Biography: Age: 33. Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School; current Baltimore City Community College senior, law enforcement and correctional administration. Vice president, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (present); current health advocate, Rosemont Community; community outreach specialist; member, National Dean's List; peer counselor, Baltimore City Community College; volunteer, homeless shelters, soup kitchens.

Priorities: To enhance the opportunities for our youth, ex. after school programs, sports activities, job training, and tutoring. To improve the alliance of neighborhoods working together and also with the police dept. To enhance the knowledge of better jobs and job training.

Paul Cumberland (D)

Biography: Age: Not given. 16 years as community activist; active in local schools and quality of education; active in negotiations to bring business into the area; working with communities to improve the quality of life for all residents; past candidate for State Senate.


Priorities: The basic priorities would be education, employment, and home ownership, in that order. Quality education must be offered within the Baltimore City School system. Quality education would lead to viable employment, resulting in homeownership.

Norman A. Handy, Sr. (D)

Biography: Age: 51.University of District of Columbia, BA; Wesley Theological Seminary, M.Div.; Howard University Divinity School, D. Min. Pastor, Unity United Methodist Church, Baltimore, 1989-present; pastor, Christ U.M. Church, Agvasca, MD 1985-89; pastor, Sykesville U.M. Church, Sykesville, MD 1981-85.

Priorities: Increasing drug treatment resources; developing strategies for improving our schools; providing sustainable care for working parents; eliminating open-air drug markets; developing economic infrastructure of Baltimore and region; improving city services to residents.

Michael L. Keeney (D)

(No reply received.)


Otis E. Lee (D)

Biography: Age: Senior citizen. High school graduate; two years formal training with US Army and B&O; Railroad. President, P.S.#91 Night School; office of B&O; Credit Union; twice commander of Disabled American Veterans Association (2700 members); instrumental in helping A. Phillip Randolph organizing sleeping car Porters Union; retired accountant, Chessie Railroad.

Priorities: If elected I would focus on public safety, education, governmental accountability, economic development, and the environment.

Daki Napata (D)

Biography: Age: 43. Baltimore public schools; the great Frederick Douglass High; Morgan State University; US Air Force-Human Relations Institute; Chapman College; Institute of Positive Education-Internship; numerous religious, community organizing trainer courses, conferences, seminars. Human/race relations consultant; minister. Social action facilitator; community organizer; crisis intervention trouble shooter I

Priorities: Constituent service. Working with diverse communities to identify cooperative ways to identify and solve problems. Work with governmental, civic, business and religious leaders and their memberships to make PTC economic/employment/empowerment opportunities real. Provide aggressive leadership to fight all crime and drug law violators.


Rodney A. Orange (D)

Biography: Age: 52. Baltimore City public schools, Morgan State University, cum laude BA, political science; Bethlehem Steel Management training. Legislative assistant in Annapolis 1975-76; president, Friends of Morgan Legal Defense Fund; chaired the political action committee of the Baltimore branch NAACP.

Priorities: I will work to put more police officers on the streets. Work to increase job opportunities in Baltimore. Work to increase recreational facilities for our youth, and work to lower auto insurance rates in Baltimore; and more low income housing.

Edward L. Reisinger (D)

Biography: Age: 45. Community College of Baltimore; business courses. State Central Committee; 6th District City Councilman.

Priorities: Crime. Education. Jobs. Vacant homes. Environment.


Melvin L. Stukes (D)

Biography: Age: Not given. Morgan State University, BS, business administration; revenue specialist, MD state comptroller office; president of my community association; numerous other experience with advocacy work in city, state, and nation. Sponsor of numerous bills in the City Council; brought many issues to the attention of the mayor and City Council I

Joseph Brown, Jr. (R)

Biography: Age: 37. I attended Hoosac School, Hoosick, NY, received BA degree from St. Augustine's College. I am a member of The Lord's Church, boardmember for Empowerment Zone 1, Omega Psi Phi, a Mason, and former Big Brother.

Priorities: My priorities are to encourage reform in our school system by creating a partnership between educators, parents and businesses; create an environment for the expansion of existing businesses, and make our city safe by instituting true community policing in neighborhoods.

Anthony F. Forlenza (R)


Biography: Age: 58. Baltimore Poly Institute 1956; further education. Avid newspaper reader; former community association member; Baltimore City Republican State Central Committee, 6th District 1994.

Priorities: Reiterate personal responsibility, especially involving drugs; sound, rather than "feel good" education; change arbitrary and incomplete transit system; repeal Question J.

Wayne Lewis Sherman (R)

(No reply received.)