Baltimore Sun’s BEST party in 2 weeks



Roger Angell's "Season Ticket" and Tom Clancy's "Without Remorse." I had to read Clancy because he's an owner here, and I work here.

-- Harry Beninghoff, tour guide

at Camden Yards.

"A World Lit Only by Fire," by William Manchester. It's about the middle ages.

-- Brian Beninghoff, the son of Harry

"A Year in Provence," by Peter Mayle.

-- Sara Warren, daughter of Harry

Anne Tyler's new book, "Ladder of Years." I loved it. I couldn't finish "Breathing Lessons" but I really liked "The Accidental Tourist."

-- Ann Rubino,

of Baltimore City

John Grisham's book,

"The Rainmaker." I've read them all.

-- Bill Kleinfelder,

of Pheonix, Md.

"Another Country," by James Baldwin. I just started it. Next is "Dead Line," by a Washington Post reporter, to see what press life is like.

-- Paul Coriello, works in D.C.

for Sen. Kennedy

Law Books!

-- Rob Tyler and Parag Gheewala, NYU law school students

down to see Cal tie Gehrig's record.

"Tough Guys Don't Dance," by Norman Mailer. It's my first Mailer novel. I'll definitely read more.

-- Alan Rutter, selling sodas at Camden Yards, he lives in %J Baltimore City

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