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Francis Showering, who made a fortune in...


Francis Showering, who made a fortune in the 1950s by attracting millions of women to pubs with his drink Babycham, died Tuesday in London. He was 83. Until Babycham debuted, the average British pub had been almost exclusively a male preserve. The light, sparkling bottled drink made from fermented pears was the first British alcoholic drink aimed specifically at women. He began experimenting with fruit fermentation while helping run a small brewery in the 1940s. He began selling his invention, champagne perry, to pubs in Bristol and later launched it nationally under the name Babycham. Mr. Showering and his three brothers soon were millionaires. His company later took over other major brewing companies before selling out to the huge Allied Lyons food group in 1968 for $167 million.

Ralph Rosenblum, 63, a film editor, director and teacher, died Monday at his home in Manhattan of heart failure. He edited six Woody Allen films, including "Take the Money and Run," "Annie Hall" and "Sleeper."

Donald Byrnes, 69, the chief executive of Spalding and Evenflo Cos., died Wednesday near his home in Tampa, Fla., while driving to his office. The cause of death was a heart attack, a company spokesman said.

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