RICK KRIVDACareer recordIs in his first season...



Career record

Is in his first season at the major league level. Had first losing record of his professional career last season, going 9-10 with Triple-A Rochester. Has allowed fewer hits thqn innings pitched in his five pro seasons. Named to 1991 Division II first team All-American team as a pitcher with the California University of Pennsylvania. Signed by the Orioles as their 23 selection in the 1991 free-agent draft.

Personal record

Born and still lives in McKeesport, Pa. Turned 25 on Jan. 19. Was a Pittsburgh Pirates fan growing up. Is of Polish and Czechoslovakian descent. While in college, conducted a YMCA mini-baseball camp for children between the ages of 8- 12.

Favorite food

Steak and potatoes

Favorite television shows

Friends and Seinfeld

Favorite movies

"Weird Science" and horror films like "Aliens" and "The Thing"

Favorite music

Modern rock performers Sponge, Bush and God Lives Underwater

Most influential coach

His high school coach Garey Christian. "He was one of those guys who just didn't put a team together. He showed us that there was a reason for everthing. And that's important for high school players. He wasn't one of those coaches who coached because his son was on the team.

Best superstition

"I really have a routine more than a superstition. I get up in the morning and have my cereal. It's either Raisin Bran or Lucky Charms if I want that sugar splurge. Then I either listen to music or play Sega."

Favorite video games

1995 NHL Hockey and John Madden Football How he passes time on road trips "In the minor leagues, my friends bought me this Sega carrying case that looked like a briefcase. So I could take my Sega anywhere. I'm sure we busted a lot of televisions on the road trying to hook the Sega up. Here I don't take the Sega. I stole my cousin's Game Gear that I now take on the road."

First job

Repairing Xerox machines

Favorite moment

In 1992, when he led all of the minor leagues with 188 strikeouts, one more than the Yankees 1991 first round draft pick, Brien Taylor.

If he wasn't playing baseball, he'd be...

A secret operative. "That would be my style. I always love knowing more than the other person."

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