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Clarke tops Schmoke in funds for final days of race BALTIMORE PRIMARY ELECTION CAMPAIGN 1995


Baltimore Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke has raised $1.3 million in his bid for a third term, nearly double the amount of Mary Pat Clarke, but he has less cash on hand than his opponent for the final days of the hotly contested race, according to his latest campaign report.

Mr. Schmoke reported a cash balance of $96,554, compared with Mrs. Clarke's $136,282, because he raised less money and also outspent his rival in the 19-day period that ended Aug. 17.

While Mr. Schmoke collected $122,030 in cash and in-kind contributions, the two-term council president raised $162,634 during the same period toward a total of $753,717, their finance statements show. Her fund raising was boosted by two mid-August polls that showed her pulling within 6 percentage points of Mr. Schmoke, followed by an endorsement from The Sun.

Mr. Schmoke spent $175,713 during that time, the bulk on campaign literature and television ads. The campaign spent $25,000 to begin producing "Reasons to Be Proud," a book which touts the mayor's accomplishments and is being mailed to households across the city, and $36,000 to create and air TV commercials.

Mrs. Clarke also has spent heavily on television ads. Her last report showed that of $117,119 in expenditures, $69,600 went to buy air time.

While the Clarke campaign boasted of exceeding its original goal by $50,000, Mr. Schmoke's campaign aides sought to play down the difference in the cash balances. Mr. Schmoke, known for his ability to raise money, still has surpassed his opponent in fund raising, said Craig Kirby, his campaign spokesman.

L "You have to look at the overall campaign funding," he said.

The money raised by Mr. Schmoke since Aug. 9 includes $113,363 from individual contributors, among them $1,000 from Eastman Bus Service Inc.and more than $6,500 from an Atlanta fund-raiser.

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