Buffalo at Denver -- Bills: NT James Patton (hip) and NT Ed Philion (leg) are out; S Matt Darby (hamstring) and LB David White (hamstring) are doubtful; S Kurt Schulz (foot) and WR Steve Tasker (hamstring) are questionable. Broncos: S Rondell Jones (knee) is doubtful. WR Anthony Miller (hamstring) and TE Shannon Sharpe (ankle) are questionable. WR Ed McCaffrey (toe) is probable.


Cincinnati at Indianapolis -- Bengals: G Rich Braham (ankle), CB Mike Brim (back), QB David Klinger (jaw) and TE Ty Parten (thumb) are out. RB Jason Burns (hamstring) is doubtful. LB Steve Tovar (hand) is questionable. WR Jeff Query (hamstring), DT Keith Rucker (neck), QB John Walsh (knee), DT Dan Wilkinson (finger) are probable. Colts: CB Conrad Clarks (hamstring) and WR Wendell Davis (knees) are doubtful. DT Tony McCoy (knee) is questionable. C Kirk Lowdermilk (knee), ++ DE Thomas McLemore (neck) and RB Roosevelt Potts (finger) are probable.

Cleveland at New England -- Browns: CB Rick Lyle (back) is out. S Louis Riddick (knee) and RB Tommy Vardell (knee) are questionable. Patriots: RB Corey Croom (groin) and T Pat Harlow (leg) are questionable.


Houston at Jacksonville -- Oilers: CB Steve Jackson (hamstring) is out. DE Kenny Davidson (knee), TE Michael Roan (shoulder) and LB Baron Wortham (knee) are questionable. Jaguars: T Tony Boselli (knee), TE Derek Brown (rib), CB Al Jackson (knee), and DE Ernie Logan (wrist) are out. LB Keith Goganious (ankle), CB Chris Hudson (groin) and RB Le'Shai Maston (knee) are probable.

Kansas City at Seattle -- Chiefs: LB Jaime Fields (arm) and CB Jay Taylor (calf) are out. WR Chris Penn (ankle) is questionable. T Jeff Criswell (shoulder), LB Anthony Davis (shoulder), QB Rich Gannon (ribs), WR Tamarick Vanover (hamstring), and S William White (ankle) are probable. Seahawks: T Ray Roberts (ankle) is out. RB Lamar Smith (ankle-knee) and LB Dean Wells (hamstring) are questionable.

New York Jets at Miami -- Jets: DT Lou Benfatti (knee), DT Tony Casillas (back) and LB Marvin Jones (ankle) are out. LB Kyle Clifton (hamstring) is doubtful. Dolphins: G-C Kevin Brothen (knee) is out. WR Gary Clark (hamstring) and G-C Bert Weidner (ankle) are questionable. DT Tim Bowens (spine), RB Keith Byars (knee), LB Bryan Cox (knee), TE Ronnie Williams (calf) and RB Robert Wilson (knee) are probable.

San Diego at Oakland -- Chargers: CB Darrien Gordon (shoulder), TE Deems May (foot), G Troy Sienkiewicz (knee) and WR Jimmy Oliver (shoulder) are out. C Courtney Hall (hip) is probable. Raiders: K Jeff Jaeger (knee) is out.

Arizona at Washington -- Cardinals: S Terry Hoage (calf) is doubtful. Redskins: DE Rich Owens (elbow) and C Cory Raymer (ankle) are out. DT Marc Boutte (shoulder), S Joe Patton (calf) and S Keith Taylor (ankle) are probable.

Carolina at Atlanta -- Panthers: CB Mike Senters (ankle) is out. WR Brian Wiggins (shoulder) is doubtful. G Matt Elliott (calf) is questionable. WR Don Beebe (ribs), RB Bob Christian (hamstring) and LB Darion Conner (knee) are probable. Falcons: QB Perry Klein (foot) is out. S Devin Bush (hamstring) is doubtful. CB Anthony Phillips (thigh) and CB Terry Taylor (hamstring) are questionable. NT Moe Gardner (knee) is probable.

Minnesota at Chicago -- Vikings: CB Donald Frank (neck) and S Orlando Thomas (knee) are probable. Bears: RB Tony Carter (knee and LB Vinson Smith (hamstring) are probable.

San Francisco at New Orleans -- 49ers: WR J.J. Stokes (hand) is out. T Harris Barton (calf), CB Tyronne Drakeford (ankle), RB William Floyd (knee), RB Anthony Lynn (thigh), LB Gary Plummer (groin) and TE Ted Popson (shoulder) are probable. Saints: TE Kirk Botkin (hamstring), LB Rufus Porter (groin) and C Jeff Uhlenhake (neck) are probable.


St. Louis at Green Bay -- Rams: T Zach Wiegert (ankle) is doubtful. CB-S Gerald McBurrows (knee), DE Brad Ottis (ankle) and DE Robert Young (chest) are questionable. WR Todd Kinchen (dehydration) is probable. Packers: LB Bernardo Harris (arm), RB William Henderson (knee), DE Matt LaBounty (knee) and LB James Willis (leg) are out. T Ken Ruettgers (back) is doubtful. TE Jeff Thomason (knee) is questionable.

Tampa Bay at Philadelphia -- Buccaneers: CB Jerry Wilson (knee) is questionable. WR Alvin Harper (ankle), G Stephen Ingram (neck), S Melvin Johnson (foot) and LB Darnell Stephens (ankle) are probable. Eagles: DT Rhett Hall (lungs) is out.

Detroit at Pittsburgh -- CB Willie Clay (knee), C Kevin Glover (quadriceps), P Mark Royals (quadriceps) and DT Henry Thomas (hamstring) are questionable. Steelers: WR Corey Holliday (knee) doubtful. DE Kevin Henry (shoulder) is questionable. CB Deon Figures (knee) and LB Kevin Greene (hand) are probable.


Dallas at New York Giants -- Cowboys: WR Ed Hervey (leg) is out. TE Eric Bjorson (shoulder), RB David Lang (ankle) and G Ron Stone (knee) are questionable. K Chris Boniol (quadriceps), DE Charles Haley (back), C Dale Hellestrae (thumb), TE Kendall Watkins (knee) and T Erik Williams (knee) are probable. Giants: T Scott Gragg (foot) is out. RB Tyrone Wheatley (ribs) is doubtful. TE Howard Cross (knee), T Doug Riesenberg (knee), and C Brian Williams (ankle) are questionable. LB Jessie Armstead (hamstring), and QB Dave Brown (concussion) are probable.