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Lou Gehrig's Yankee Stadium monument says his...


Lou Gehrig's Yankee Stadium monument says his "amazing record of 2,130 consecutive games should stand for all time." The words were written 19 years before Cal Ripken was born. Sometimes, forever isn't a long time. How likely are some other "unbreakable" records to break?

Players, Comments

Cy Young -- DOWN -- 511 wins, career. A pitcher would have to average 25.5 wins over 20 seasons. Even Sidd Finch couldn't do that.

Joe DiMaggio -- DOWN -- 56-game hit streak. SABR's Bill James re-created Boggs' .368 1985 season 1,000 times but never matched the feat.

Dutch Leonard -- SIDEWAYS -- 1.00 ERA, season. Gibson was close in '68, and ERAs will fall in '96 when the mound rises. Maddux? Johnson? Nomo?

Pete Rose -- SIDEWAYS -- 4,256 hits, career. He hit only .303. One day, there will be a hitter with Gwynn's batting eye and Rose's nose for records.

Roger Maris -- Up -- 61 homers, season. One of these years, the Rockies are going to get a legitimate home run hitter.

Owen Wilson -- DOWN -- 36 triples, season. No other big-leaguer this century has more than 26. No minor-leaguer has reached 36 either.


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