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Lucky to meet 'The Mick'I consider myself...


Lucky to meet 'The Mick'

I consider myself a lucky man. About 10 years ago, Mickey Mantle was doing TV commercials for a company in which my son-in-law was employed. That year on Dec. 23, we spent five hours at a party with Mr. Mantle, who was seated at a table next to ours.

We will never forget how gracious and outgoing he was to everyone that night. He was signing autographs and ran out of pictures and asked me to "take his coat-check ticket and get more pictures from his coat," which I was glad to do.

I told him Brooks Robinson was a friend and he said that in all of his years in the game, Brooks was the nicest guy he had met.

I won't ever forget that night at the party at Indian Springs Country Club and getting to meet a great guy like "The Mick."

Bob Townsley


No-knack Orioles farm system

The Orioles organization doesn't know the difference between a baseball player and a donkey.

The fact is, the Orioles' farm system hasn't produced an everyday player of All-Star ability since Cal Ripken came up 13 years ago.

The inability of the organization to judge and develop talent is the main reason why the team is so far out of first place.

Greg Gotwalt

York, Pa.

Kudos for Kent

A "huge" thank you to Milton Kent for his recent talent ratings on the local weeknight sportscasters. He put in print what any true sports fan has known for some time, that John Buren does not take his profession or his viewers seriously. His presentation of the sports is an insult to anyone who is knowledgeable about sports in general and local sports in particular.

He spends half of his allotted air time embarrassing his colleagues on the set, then stumbles through what is left of his time by amusing himself at our expense. If the viewer wants to be informed, then he or she should switch to another network.

If the viewer wants to watch "bloopers" that have been shown on every station in town for the past couple of weeks, then Buren is your man.

As a serious hockey fan, I find Buren to be even more nauseating. When he actually mentions hockey, which is rare, he consistently mispronounces the names of some of the league's top players. The only highlights of hockey you will see on his segment is footage of fights, the bloodier the better. Any hockey fan knows that this is not a true representation of the game.

To add insult to injury, callers to Sundial just voted Buren their favorite weeknight sportscaster by an overwhelming margin. Am missing something here? I would not be surprised if "Mr. Vanity" made half of those calls himself.

In general, John Buren should stop trying to be "cute" on the air! He is not funny! I don't want him to be funny! I just want him to report the sports in a manner that Baltimore fans are accustomed to.

Joe Asberry


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