From The Sun Sept. 3-9, 1845* Sept....


From The Sun Sept. 3-9, 1845

* Sept. 3: ICE -- This article has become very scare in the city, so much so that it is with much difficulty we can obtain it at any price. We believe even the Rockland Lake Ice, which has been so much admired for its solidity and clearness, has run out.

* Sept. 4: We learn that since the first of January, there have arrived at this port, from foreign ports, upwards of 5,000 passengers, nearly all of whom were German, Irish and English immigrants.

From The Sun Sept. 3-9, 1895

* Sept. 3: The new chemical engine company at Roland Park went into service yesterday. Henry Herzey is the captain.

* Sept. 7: A number of boats loaded with oysters were in Crisfield today. The tongers report that the oysters are scarce on Woman's Marsh and Hurley's Rock.

From The Sun Sept. 3-9, 1945

* Sept. 3: Aboard the U.S. Missouri in Tokyo Bay, Sept. 2 (By Radio) -- World War II officially ended at 9:18 o'clock, Tokyo time, this morning. It ended with the words of Gen. Douglas MacArthur: "These proceedings are closed."

* Sept. 6: Baltimore will not feel the effect of the lifting of all major restrictions on railway passenger travel for several months due to the lack of passenger cars, according to officials of the Baltimore and Ohio and Pennsylvania railroads.

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