Baltimore Sun’s BEST party in 2 weeks

In a contest on election, your rhymes, my selection


We have a winner!

The Grand Prize winner of the 11th Annual Roger Simon Greater Eastern Seaboard Poetry Contest is Nancy K. Holden of Baltimore.

She wins with a haiku that reminds us of something we often forget when electing our leaders:

Who can rescue us

from urban decay and fear

Schmoke, Clarke or ourselves?

Second place goes to Robert Dean of Baltimore, who sent in this limerick:

The election is really a bummer!

In this hot, humid Baltimore summer!

With Schmoke showing "Pride"

And Clarke's "Nothing to hide"

It's like the sequel to

"Dumb and Dumber!"

Third place to Arnold Paskoff of Baltimore for two poems:

The city that reads

Its own obituary

If it's not careful.


If you want to win,

Tell us what you will do right

Not what he's done wrong.

And Special Mentions to:

Sharon Miller, Baltimore:

Red, black and green signs.

A subliminal message?

My vote doesn't count.

Jerry Hervieux, Owings Mills:

Mary Pat says, "I'll fix what Kurt broke"

Trading cards tout the laurels of Schmoke

A political battle

Of slogans and prattle

It's like choosing between Pepsi and Coke

Natalie M. Conrad, who used to live in Baltimore and now lives in Oak Park, Mich., and gets The Sun by courier pigeon apparently:

The ambition of

Mary Pat Clarke is to make

This city Schmoke-free.

Bob Eikenberry, Fallston, whose work I like because it's so gosh darn deep:

One plus one plus one

Usually equals three.

Odd, I get nothing!


Schmoke may appear somewhat Kurt

While Clarke's standing Pat looking pert

But the biggest surprise

The one raising all eyes:

Why did Schaefer's campaign go covert?

Dorothy Baumgarten, Baltimore:

Kurt or Mary Pat?

Decisions and decisions.

For'st Gump politics.

Richard P. Tustin of Baltimore:

So F.O.P. loves Mary Pat

The fly in the ointment is that

Two thirds of this bounty

Resides in the country

The net gain is not very fat.

C. L. Norris of Baltimore:

Baltimore's troubled schools

Mayors spend, candidates promise

Students do not learn.

Franklin Langford of Annapolis:

The gunfire explodes 'round our ears,

Charm City is haunted by fears

But Mary Pat Clarke

Was heard to remark

"I'll fix it after the Schmoke clears."

Dick Ballard of Sparks:

It's awfully hard to agree,

Just which of the three it should be

One just can't envision

A tougher decision

But, hey, look now, Bill Bradley is free!

Jim Wheeler of Baltimore:

When resumes get politicians elected

The wrong values are being reflected

To find someone who leads

Just look at their deeds

The others should all be rejected

S.A. Kalinich, Arnold:

Baltimore reads the

obits of its citizens

more names by the hour

Longer lists reach no

ears. No hands reach citizens

Wandering darkly

Fingers pointing, two

so-called leaders debate air,

While the concrete bleeds.

Thomas Pointer of Westover:

Which will win the race?

Schmoke or Clarke or Clarke or Schmoke?

Hey, vote Rog Simon?

You think the city couldn't do worse?

L When you wake up Sept. 13, ask yourself that question again.

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