Regatta draws big crowd to Oxford's Tred Avon club


Last weekend was one of the busiest of the year for the little Eastern Shore town of Oxford, as the annual summer regatta descended upon the Tred Avon Yacht Club, bringing big boats and one-design racers in droves to share the fun.

The big boats of the seven mid-Chesapeake PHRF splits, along with MORC and Triton racers, began the event last Friday with a race from Annapolis to Oxford. In light and dying breeze, however, even with the course shortened to 21.2 miles from its originally scheduled length of 29 miles, dozens of dropouts were unable to finish the race, and many classes showed a wide variation in finish times.

Last Saturday, the big boats joined in a 12-mile round-the-buoys course out on the bay while up in the Tred Avon and Choptank rivers sailors in dozens of small boat one-design classes filled the water with races of their own, an event that continued through Sunday for the one-design racers.

Among the big boat sailors, three crews successfully took the top of their classes both Friday and Saturday, including PHRF A-1's Jim Michie of Arnold and his Privateer team; John White of Severna Park and his Cut And Paste crew in MORC; and David Hoyt of Glen Burnie and the team aboard his Triton Overdraft.

TAYC Race to Oxford

PHRF A-0 (5 starters): 1. Muskrat, Nick Iliff, 3:12:29 c.t.; 2. Sundog, Paul Parks, 3:15:54 c.t.; 3. Donnybrook, 3:36:49 c.t.

PHRF A-1 (18 starters/8 finishers): 1. Privateer, James Michie, 3:27:50 c.t.; 2. Frequent Flyer, Kevin McNeil, 3:39:34 c.t.; 3. Blockade Runner, Bruce Bingman, 3:39:34 c.t.; 4. Infringer, Stoer/Zinn, 3:46:20 c.t.; 5. Sugar Magnolia, Kumins/Holt, 3;48:51 PHRF A-2 (19 starters/12 finishers): 1. Moonshine, Jim Schnieder, 3:32:42 c.t.; 2. Uh Oh, C.R. "Sonny" Smith, 3:38:11 c.t.; 3. Contraire, Steve Schaub, 3:39:32 c.t.; 4. Lone Wolf, David McClatchy, 3:40:34 c.t.; 5. Where Egos Dare, Michael Johns, 3:55:12 c.t.

PHRF B (15 starters/5 finishers): 1. Yellow Bird, Richard Heintz, 3:47:59 c.t.; 2. Belle Aurore, David Askew, 3:53:09 c.t.; 3. Nicole, Tad duPont, 4:07:10 c.t.; 4. Quicksilver, Guy Collins, 4:53:12 c.t.; 5. Intuition, Howard Stroterhoff, 5:06:36 c.t.

PHRF C (18 starters/8 finishers): 1. Knotbobs, Dan Miller, 3:45:01 c.t.; 2. Big Time, Mike Rajacich, 3:47:04 c.t.; 3. Blue Water, Robert Orme, 4:45:41 c.t.; 4. Icicle, Anthony Flake, 4:47:05 c.t.; 5. Haiku, Gordon Latrobe, 4:50:17 c.t.

PHRF D (5 starters/0 finishers)

PHRF Nonspinnaker (9 starters/4 finishers): 1. Class, Bob Polk, 4:27:26 c.t.; 2. Fraulein, John Belas, 4:54:03 c.t.; 3. Albar II, Allen Keiser, 5:14:11 c.t.

MORC (5 starters/finishers): 1. Cut And Paste, John White, 2:48:08 c.t.; 2. Fast Company, Barry Moss, 2:57:57 c.t.; 3. A Train, Robert Reeves, 2:59:00 c.t.

Triton (4 starters/3 finishers): 1. Overdraft, David Hoyt; 2. Sandpiper, Chris Gordon; 3. Sea Deuce, Eleanor Holmes.

TAYC Oxford Regatta

PHRF A-0 (3 starters): 1. Sundog, Parks, 2:33:47 c.t.; 2. Donnybrook, Muldoon, 2:37:58 c.t.

PHRF A-1 (9 starters): 1. Privateer, Michie, 2:31:23 c.t.; 2. Sugar Magnolia, Kumins/Holt, 2:31:27 c.t.; 3. Evolution, Bill Wade, 2:38:32 c.t.

PHRF A-2 (17 starters): 1. I*O*M*A, Jack Grace, 2:38:43 c.t.; 2. The Simpsons, John Thompson, 2:38:54 c.t.; 3. Dark Horse, Richard Taylor, 2:45:42 c.t.; 4. Accomplice, Chuck and Lee Coyer, 2:45:51 c.t.; 5. Mountain Lion Eater, George Prout, 2:48:43 c.t.

PHRF B (9 starters): 1. Quicksilver, Collins, 2:44:34 c.t.; 2. Yellow Bird, Heintz, 2:47:43 c.t.; 3. Intuition, Stroterhoff, 2:49:23 c.t.

PHRF C (13 starters): 1. Big Time, Rajacich, 2:54:59 c.t.; 2. Knotbobs, Miller, 2:59:54 c.t.; 3. Checkmate, Robert Gibson, 3:05:10 c.t.; 4. Blue Water, Orme, 3:06:19 c.t.

PHRF D (3 starters): 1. Hi Tide, John Ebell, 3:15:16 c.t.; 2. Scarlet Fever, Henry Power, 3:39:27 c.t.

PHRF Nonspinnaker (8 starters): 1. Wahoo, Henry Fretz, 3:05:08 c.t.; 2. Albar II, Keiser, 3:12:31 c.t.; 3. Fraulein, Belas, 3:15:10 c.t.

MORC (4 starters): 1. Cut And Paste, White, 2:30:45 c.t.; 2. Stingray, Robert Muller, 2:37:57 c.t.; 3. A Train, Reeves, 2:45:35 c.t.

Triton (3 starters): 1. Overdraft, Hoyt; 2. Sea Deuce, Holmes.

Rainbow Nationals return

Annapolis sailor Bob Mewhinney and his friends in the Annapolis Rainbow fleet are hoping history will be made next weekend, when the 33rd annual Rainbow National Championship regatta comes to town.

Mewhinney, who with his crew aboard Glass Harp first won the national title in the Annapolitan boats in 1993, and successfully defended it last year, is hoping for a three-peat, the first ever in the history of the event.

Annapolis-area participants who also will sail in the Rainbow Nationals include Joe Travers' Red Hot, Leigh Doptis' Jack Tar, Pat Sweeney's Winning Colors, Bill Sloan's Dragonfly, Ken Koester's Snarkhunter, Charles Fowler's Bag Lady and Bill Nevel's WiNK. Up to a dozen Rainbows are expected to compete in the regatta over Aug. 24-26.

The Rainbow class has its roots in Annapolis. The 24-foot boat was designed by Sparkman & Stephens 34 years ago for Annapolis Sailing School founder Jerry Wood. He wanted something that would be a good beginning trainer, a simply rigged day sailor for rental and a lively and inexpensive one-design racer.

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