Severn sailing shapes up 167 youngsters


Friday night was an exciting one for the 167 students in this summer's Severn Sailing Association Junior Program, as the young sailors graduated and those whose accomplishments were notable received awards.

Under the overall supervision of Holly Wolford and her crew of instructors and parent/volunteers, the youngsters studied in six divisions. The youngest sailors learned in Optimist prams at the rank of seaman, while their slightly older counterparts were ranked as mates and, eventually, skippers. A similar breakdown applied to the older students, who sailed in International 420s.

Awards went to the most improved sailors in each of the six divisions, as well as winners of several divisional bowl regatta series.

Most significant of all were the awards for sportsmanship and outstanding performance, both in the individual divisions and overall. This year's honorees included 420 skipper Michael Stapleton, who earned the Corinthian Cup, presented to the junior sailor whose actions befit those of a young lady or gentleman and whose spirit reflects that the race best sailed is the one most fairly sailed.

Named Outstanding Boy Sailor and receiving the Welch Trophy for his achievements was Opti skipper James Parker, while 420 skipper Francisca Antell earned the Empey Trophy as Outstanding Girl Sailor.

Sportsmanship awards went to Matt Bowers in Session I and William Hilbert in Session II in the Opti-Seaman division, while the MacVickar Trophy for Outstanding Sportsmanship was awarded to Opti mate Rip Hale.

The Bartlett Trophy for long-term dedication to sailing and to the goals of SSA went this year to Opti skipper Corinne Libby, while fellow Opti skipper John Haines earned the McDowell Marlinspike Award as the best knot-tying junior in the SSA this year.

The light-hearted "Oops I Goofed" award, which is presented annually to the student or instructor most able to appreciate the humor of making a mistake, went this year to 420 seaman Ted Harries, while Walt Weller was honored as the Outstanding Parent of the Year in appreciation of his time and service to the program, representing effort over and above what normally is expected of junior program family members.

SSA's Junior Program Fall Sailing sessions will be on tap next month, with Sunday sessions for Optimists, Sept. 10-Oct. 22, noon to 3 p.m. for ages 9-15, and Tuesday through Thursday afternoon classes, Sept. 19-Nov. 9, 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. for high school student sailors of 420s. For more information, call (410) 263-0071 or (410) 269-6744.

Most Improved: 420 -- Skipper Rusty Potee, mate Willie Phillips, seaman Evan Coan; Opti -- Skipper Robbie Tate, mate (Session 1) Jennifer Weller, mate (Session 2) Lauren Potee, seaman (Session 1) Brendan Giardini, seaman (Session 2) Janel Zarkowsky.

420 Seaman Shipshape Award: Jonathan Donahue

Opti-Seaman Guppy Bowl (Session 1): 1. Daniel Jauregue; 2. L.C. Moerschel; 3. Alex Kreter.

Opti-Seaman Guppy Bowl (Session 2): 1. Jason Ward; 2. Robbie Norris; 3. Julie Gerhardt.

Opti-Mate Turtle Bowl (Session 1): 1. Rip Hale; 2. Kevin Duff; 3. Maggie Manning.

Opti-Mate Turtle Bowl (Session 2): 1. Kevin Duff; 2. Maggie Manning; 3. Daniel Jaureque.

Opti-Skipper Commodore's Bowl: 1. James Parker; 2. Elizabeth Kreter; 3. Corinne Libby.

420 Mate Bailer Bowl (Session 1): 1. Brian Duff; 2. Willie Phillips; 3. Richard Born.

420 Mate Bailer Bowl (Session 2): 1. Brian Duff; 2. Shaun Bogan; 3. Evan Coan.

420 Skipper Bailer Bowl: 1. Rusty Potee; 2. Chris Summers; 3. Francisca Antell.

MORC Internationals

One of sail racing's more prestigious but lesser-known events, the MORC International Championship Regatta, will arrive in Annapolis this month, bringing top-level international competition in a five-class fleet of 50 or more boats, all 30 feet or less in length.

The Midget Ocean Racing Club has been known for many years for tough competition around the buoys and in longer distance offshore-type competitions (the now-defunct Great Ocean Race, which used to circumnavigate the Delmarva Peninsula every Memorial Day weekend, had its roots as a MORC event, for example), and generally for good sportsmanship and fellowship on and off the water.

For the internationals, which will be based at Annapolis Yacht Club Aug. 18-23, the competition will be scored overall and in five separate divisions, including MORC A and B, a J/29 one-design class, and MORC Level 30 and the new Level 27.

The grand-prix level classes will be the ones in which the

high-tech pocket rockets will sail.

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