Lace 'em up for another year in lanes


That roaring sound you bowlers hear is the 1995-1996 season rushing into the tenpin and duckpin lanes of Carroll County.

Once again, five centers, spread across the county, await league bowlers:

* County Lanes, Westminster -- With 12 tenpin lanes available, 17 leagues will be action again this year, said Ken Frock Sr.

The down-in-the-basement center is still owned and operated by Chuck Ludwig.

The Down Under Cafe will be operated by Danny Smith, and no alcohol is served. The pro shop will continue to be operated by Danny Haines.

The center was renovated last season and this year it's still squeaky clean.

"We're scheduled to have the Free State tournament here," said Frock. "That's Sept. 9 and 10. Our league play will begin the last week of August."

* Hampstead Bowling Center -- There are 12 tenpin and 12 duckpin lanes at this Main Street center.

The Wisners -- Basil, Karen and J.B. -- will be on hand to greet you. J.B. does double duty as the operator of the pro shop, located just off the concourse.

There will be approximately 20 leagues, evenly split between the big ball and the little one, this year.

Youth bowlers of ducks and tens will be in action every Saturday morning; call Roberta King, league coordinator, for youth times.

"We'll still have Colorama every Thursday at 10 a.m. and on Saturday at 8 p.m," Basil Wisner said. "And we'll find a place in the leagues for anyone who wants to bowl this year."

The snack bar will continue to serve a country breakfast on Saturday morning and a complete menu every day.

* Mount Airy Bowling Center -- Twelve duckpin lanes, with proprietor Joe Rineer at the helm, continue to offer entertainment for family duckpin bowlers in the south end of the county.

You'll see a lot of the same old faces at the Mount Airy center -- Gina Fleming cooking and coaching, Norman and Claude Sier the jacks of all bowling trades.

"We're still bowling two frames at a time," Fleming said. "It does help speed up the game. Even the senior league is doing it now. Everyone seems to enjoy the faster pace on the lanes combined with more time between frames."

* Thunderhead Taneytown -- Twelve duckpin and 16 tenpin lanes are available.

Louise Arvin continues as manager of the center, and Bob Minter continues as general manager of the three Thunderhead houses (Gettysburg, Taneytown and Westminster).

Gil Barnes oversees the mechanics at the three centers.

Moe Pickett operates the pro shop at Taneytown.

Remodeled last year, the Taneytown center will have more than 30 leagues this season.

* Thunderhead Westminster -- Fourteen duckpin and 12 tenpin lanes are ready for returning bowlers this year.

Angie Rebert, proprietor, continues with hands-on management. Susan Barlow oversees the day-to-day operation at the Westminster house.

"We're putting down a new finish [Guardian] on the tenpin lanes right now," Barlow said. "When they're finished, they'll look as if they're brand new."

Tenpin bowlers will find that they will get a better reaction with their ball on the new surface.

"We're doing some painting and putting in some new tiles," Barlow said. "From Aug. 10 through the 31st we're offering a special price to bowlers: 99 cents per game."

Dust off your equipment, polish your bowling balls, put new laces in your shoes and throw some practice games; the season is upon us.

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