Selleck wants stars to put lid on...


Selleck wants stars to put lid on politics

Actor Tom Selleck wants Hollywood celebrities like Barbra Streisand to stifle their liberal political views.

"I like Barbra a lot, but she should shut up," Mr. Selleck says in the Aug. 5 issue of TV Guide.

Mr. Selleck, a political conservative, says he has attempted to keep his views out of the public spotlight, yet finds he's constantly associated with them regardless.

"I have tried since 1980 not to get on my soapbox," he tells TV Guide. "And where has it gotten me? I've become a bumper sticker. I'm considered the heir to Charlton Heston for the conservative leadership of Hollywood."

John doesn't want public to buy 'rubbish'

Singer Elton John is warning the public that his old platform shoes, shirts and ties are "just rubbish."

They are among the items collected by his former housekeepers that go on the auction block at Bonham's in London on Thursday. The auction house is also selling similar items from John Lennon and Mick Jagger.

Mr. John's clothes "can only be described as everyday household goods and bric-a-brac," Mr. John said in a statement issued by his agent. The items are "discarded rubbish" or "gifts" that were never intended for sale, he said.

Auction house spokesman Ted Owens disagreed. He called Mr. John a legend, saying, "One person's bric-a-brac is another person's memento."

Joel pops in concert for aging musicians

Pop singer Billy Joel made a surprise appearance Saturday at the Newport, R.I., Rhythm and Blues Festival, where he joined Bonnie Raitt and Don Henley at a benefit concert for senior rhythm and blues musicians.

Mr. Joel, who was not on the program, stepped to the microphone and sang, "I'm in a Newport State of Mind" -- a variation on his tune, "New York State of Mind."

The concert, which drew about 5,200 people, benefited the Rhythm and Blues Foundation, which helps aging blues musicians "while we're all still around to enjoy it," Ms. Raitt says.


Tennis player Evonne Goolagong Cawley is 44. Actress Geraldine Chaplin is 51. Actress Susan Flannery is 52. Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman is 83. Sportscaster Curt Gowdy is 76; Actor Don Murray is 66. Actress France Nuyen is 56. Actor Wesley Snipes is 33. Massachusetts Gov. William Weld is 50.

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