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Not managing fineI am watching the Orioles...


Not managing fine

I am watching the Orioles on TV and am seeing unbelievably poor managing again by Phil Regan.

He pulled Kevin Brown for no other reason than he had thrown enough pitches. Is Brown a professional athlete? And was this July? He was only losing 2-1!

So, who comes in relief? Arthur Rhodes! He has to be more confused than the Mad Hatter. He gives tremendous starting performances after "rehabilitation" in Rochester. Granted, this is the second or third year for the rehabilitation program, but, what the heck, it seems to work, doesn't it? And now he is being asked to come in as a setup man.

How many close games have the Orioles lost when Regan decided to play pussycat with his pitchers?

He brings in a reliever for one out or a couple of batters, then makes a change based on whether the batter is left-handed or right-handed. Why? If the man is pitching well, leave him in the game.

Let's get rid of Regan. Then let's get rid of general manager Roland Hemond. Let's make Frank Robinson the GM, hire Davey Johnson as manager, and, in the meantime, let pitchers pitch until they are no longer pitching effectively, instead of bringing in an unknown commodity to replace a guy who just threw his 112th good pitch.

Richard Ross


Stop the bashing, Ken

Ken Rosenthal's constant bashing of Peter Angelos is getting to the point of being repulsive. My question would be: By what authority do you speak, Ken? What do you really know about baseball, football or any other sport?

Do you think it somehow makes you a good journalist to reach down to find the most negative aspect of a person's character (even when it means creating it from thin air) or tell this town how someone else should spend their money and run their business?

Most Sun readers realize that your column is used for your own personal vendetta when someone steps on your toes. I think it's time for The Sun to start looking to make a trade for a good columnist instead of an egotistic journeyman that writes like a spoiled child.

Tim McHugh



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